Thursday, May 1, 2014

Happy Day

I really love the days when both girls wake up in ultra good moods.  I guess the stars aligned, because today was one of those special days!  They showed up in our bed with huge smiles and lots of giggles.  It's so much better than the days when we can hear wails and crying coming down the hall to greet us.  

They were even up for an early morning picture! 

After breakfast, the girls entertained themselves by playing house.  I love to hear them play.  It's the cutest thing. They were "neighbors" and would take turns babysitting each other's babies.  It took me back to pretty much every day with Stephen growing up.  He would play house and Barbies with me, if I would play G.I. Joe with him.  He was a pretty great brother! 

Rosie's the most nurturing kiddo I know!  

My best girls!

They've been asking for braids lately, and as you know, I'm terrible at them.  This is the first day I've let them go out in public with them in, because they are usually so embarrassing.  I decided that if anyone commented on them, I would say they braided each other's hair.  Well, not really, but I can't say it didn't  cross my mind:)   

They seemed pleased with them.  Kiki did cry because hers weren't big like Rosie's.  Not much I could do about that one! 

I forgot to mention that one of my friends from college, Nikki, just moved with her family to the area.  I owe a lot to this girl!  She first taught me to crochet and accompanied me to my first Rascal Flatts concert back in 2002. She is the sweetest thing and I couldn't be happier that they're here!  They are living in downtown Asheville, but are closing on a house closer to us in a few weeks.  Today, she invited us to come hang out with her and her little guy, Lathan.  We hadn't been to their house yet, so we were very excited.  Rosie has been in love with Lathan from the first time she laid eyes on him.  She talks about him all the time.  Today was no different.  

We can fit us all in here! 

We can all slide together.

I can carry him! 

Holding hands! 

After our visit, we headed home for lunch and a quick nap, before going to Judy's for music practice.  Then we stopped to pick Mark up at home and went right to his softball game.  Sadly, the other team forfeited, but the guys got the chance to practice a bit.  It was nice chatting with all the wives and the girls had a great time playing with friends.

So, I didn't mention it, but during the girls' nap, I couldn't help myself and I went out and worked on the weeds.  I'm not HAVE to buy one of those weed tools.  It makes weeding so fun!  Speaking of fun, Impractical Jokers is on, so I better run.  Until next time! 

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