Friday, May 9, 2014

Momma Mia

This has been kind of a crazy week.  Going, going, going!  I'm so exhausted!  I tried to pull my phone out when I could to get a few pictures.  

Last weekend, we headed to the Biltmore after church.  The weather was amazing! 

Daddy and Kiki just enjoying each other. 

It's just the most beautiful place!

Kiki and Rosie are under that tree, but it's pretty hard to tell. 

On Sunday, we pulled the sprinkler and the baby pools out for the girls to play in.  They had so much fun keeping cool! 

Smiles and Suits 

It makes perfect sense to bring your sled out when playing in the sprinkler.  

Baby pool time!  We really want to invest in a bigger pool! 

On Sunday, I had to run and few errands, that also included stopping at Sonic for happy hour.  I got a pineapple slushy and it was so good! 

Kiki spent some time admiring herself this week.  

And more time.  

And a bit more time.  

On Tuesday, after school, we stopped at a park on the way home and had a picnic lunch. 

Then, the girls played in the sand. 

Kiki on the jungle gym. 

On Thursday morning, we started our newest book for the bible study I attend.  It's such a great book already, and we are only on chapter 1.  I would highly recommend it!

I feel so blessed that this verse is true of my husband! 

I sort of, kind of, maybe opened my Mother's Day gift up early.  This is a framed print of a picture I had seen months ago and mentioned to Mark that I loved.  What a surprise to now own it!  I just love it! 

This afternoon, Mark worked on teaching Rosie to ride her bike without training wheels.  This has been something she has been begging for this week.  On Monday morning, she came and got in bed with me early.  She whispered in my ear, "Mommy, I want the training wheels off of my bike.  I've ben thinking about it all the time.  Actually, I thought about it all night."  This kid!  

The teaching may take a few more sessions, but it was a good start.  

Kiki can't be stopped, even if you are standing there trying to take a picture.  I have a hurt toe to prove it.  

Very thankful for a low key weekend.  We really don't have much planned.  Mark and I made BBQ meatballs and potato casserole tonight for our meal tomorrow.  I also got some angel food cake and strawberries, so I'm kind of excited to eat tomorrow.  Is that weird to be excited about a meal?  Probably. 

I'm looking forward to celebrating motherhood with my little family this weekend, but I'm wishing we could be celebrating with our moms in person!  Mark and I are both blessed with loving, compassionate, Godly moms.  Happy Mothers' Day to them, and to all of the mommas reading this!  You are AWESOME! 

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