Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Who needs groceries?

It's Hump Day everybody!  I hope your week has gone well so far.  We've kept busy and I have to admit, I'm a little tired tonight.  I'll keep this post short and sweet! 

Monday included a few trips to the gym and lots of playing inside and outside.  

Rosie girl! 


Playing paper dolls without shirts on

Doing a little art and working on scissor skills. 

On Tuesday, I took the girls to school and did a few errands and then ran back to the house to clean, clean, clean!  We stopped at the park again on the way home to eat lunch and play.  I think it's a tradition now!

Playing on the back porch

Enjoying her blackberries


I tried my hand at tortilla making.  

My new griddle really came in handy! 

They were yummy, but I need to work on the shape:) 

Today, I had music practice all morning and in the afternoon, we played outside.  Then tonight, I went to the grocery store because we were REALLY low on groceries.  Our meals were getting very interesting.  

Kiki also got her hair in a topknot for the first time! She was very proud.

I need to trim her bangs! 

Because of the grocery shortage, I tried something for dinner.  I've seen this idea on Pinterest many times and thought I'd give it go. The girls seemed to love it.  They had tomatoes, strawberries, blackberries, peas, crackers, kiwi, pinto beans, cucumber, pecans, havarti cheese, carrots and ranch, and chocolate chips.  They ate almost everything! 

Tomorrow is the Hospital Gala.  The theme is the Roaring 20's.  I haven't completely figured out what I'm going to wear or how I'm going to do my hair.  I have a few options, but I'm nervous none of them will work out!  That's what I'm working on tomorrow morning!  Hopefully, I'll figure something out.  

Have a great night!

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