Monday, November 17, 2014

I Get So Emotional Baby

In mid-October, the group I sing with got the opportunity to perform at some Medical/Dental meetings in Gatlinburg, TN.  My parents flew in for the weekend to watch the girls, so that Mark and I could go.  I was awfully nervous, but really excited, all at the same time.  It ended up being so fun!  The conference was in a lovely hotel, we had a room without kids, and we ordered room service multiple times so the whole experience felt very much like a mini vacation.  We even got to go on a little date night with friends while we were there.

We came home on Sunday morning and were super happy that mom and dad didn't have to leave until Monday evening, so we got some time with them, too.  My parents had never visited Looking Glass Falls, so we took them there and for a ride around Pisgah Forest.  There may have been ice cream involved on the way home, because, well, what's a trip without ice cream?  On Monday, we did a few errands and had a nice lunch.  Rosie completely lost it about an hour before my parents had  to leave for the airport.  She curled up on Papas lap and just wept because she was so sad they were leaving.  She cried for about two hours after they left.  It didn't help that Mark, too, left that night for a work trip to Atlanta.  Poor kid, just fell apart.  She's definitely my child.

Even though the trip was short, we had such a wonderful time.  The girls just eat up every minute with Nana and Papa!  Can't wait until next time!    

Our group was invited to sing with Charles Haugabrooks while we were there.  Don't worry...I didn't know who he was either. 

I ran into Kaylee's really good friend, April.  We had to send a picture to prove it to Kaylee:)

We also got to spend some quality time with David & Elizabeth.  I just love these people!

Nana and Rosie in Pisgah Forest

Rosie and Papa enjoying the falls.  

My little family 

So thankful for these two!

My man crush

This is Rosie, crying at the front door.  I'm not kidding, she was a wreck when they left.  

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