Monday, November 17, 2014


The last few weeks in October were pretty packed.  Mark had to go out of town again to Florida for a few days, the group I'm in had another concert, I helped with an Angel tree project for an area church, we had Adventurers and Bible studies, some of my teachers from Ozark came into town and we hung out with them, the Royals were in the World series!!!, we had a snow day, we celebrated Mark's 33rd birthday and had a Fall party at our house.  We also attended a Panthers/Saints game in Charlotte with our friends, the Fields.  Here are a few pictures from some of those things...

AMAZING seats at the game!   

What a handsome guy:) 

It was so cool being so close to the players!  This was my first NFL game and it was a blast.  Also, I heart Drew Brees.  I also heart our friends, the Stouts, who babysat the girls until 2am! Bless them! 

My poor flowers after the freak snow storm in October!

All bundled up and ready for church 

These girls love snow.  Well, for at least 5 minutes they love snow. 

We took the girls to eat.  I told Kiki that she couldn't have chocolate until she finished her broccoli.  It was a challenge she accepted.  

She literally stuffed it all in her mouth at one time.  

I love this kid

We watched the Stout girls so Jess and Jacob could have a date night and added a few more for the fun of it.  Let me just say, 8 kids is a lot of kids.  They all seem pretty happy, though!   

It was a great month!  

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