Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The things we're willing to do to look theory

Yesterday, my boss told me the craziest thing.  She mentioned that there was this new restaurant out by where she lives that people were standing in line to get into.  I guess the wait was like 2 hours just to get a table.   I couldn't help but be wide-eyed when she told me the name.  You are never going to guess.  I mean this is a restaurant that is so common in the places I have lived before, that I can't imagine waiting for more than two minutes.   I really don't think I've ever been inside one before because it's always equipped with a drive thru or is in a mall.  Okay, do you think you know?  I'll give you another hint...they have good milkshakes and I do enjoy their fries from time to time.  I've given too much guessed it, It's Chik Fil A!  I know!  Can you believe there is so much hype over Chik Fil A?!   Anyway, I got a little chuckle out of that one.

So last night, I totally experienced a deja vu moment. I was transported back to my childhood.  It all started when I decided to take a late shower last night.  I was too tired to blow dry my hair and oh my word, if I go to sleep with my hair wet, craziness comes to live on my head.  Craziness, that even the power of a million stallions can't tame.  You think I'm exaggerating...I can assure you, I'm not.  I got the brilliant idea that pink sponge rollerswould be perfect for the occasion.  I could throw them in my hair in two minutes, save myself the 20 that it takes to blow dry and wake up to a luxurious head of beautiful curls.   When I really think about it, I've made this mistake many times before.  It has never turned out good, but for some reason,  I keep trying.  

So anyway, I went to sleep.  Well, I tried to sleep, but those darn curlers were like tiny little knives digging further into my head at every toss and turn.   I can't tell you how many times I woke up.  This is when the deju vu moment happened.  As I lay there in the middle of the night, coming close to pulling the rollers and my hair out, I was taken back to every Friday night as a little girl.  My mom would roll my hair with those things the night before church and it was the most painful thing ever.  I do admit, as a little girl the curls looked pretty cute.  I'd love to say that mine looked as cute when I removed them this morning.  Not so much.  It was atrocious and nothing, not a million stallions could tame it.  I ended up with a frizzy ponytail/bun situation.  It's ridiculous the things a girl goes through to look good, or in my case, atrocious.  I hate to admit that I will probably start the cycle when Monroe's hair gets passed the mullet stage and becomes long enough to curl.  I know, I am a cruel woman.  

I was worried that yesterday Monroe had a setback of not feeling well again, but today she seems great.  In fact, she's running around the house right now screaming "No" at the top of her lungs, so yeah, I think she's on the mend.   Keep praying for her though.  Tomorrow is her 18 month doctors appointment, so hopefully that will go smoothly.  I'll let you know the stats tomorrow.  

Before I forget, I thought of another pregnant person this morning so to update the list:

1) Tasha (friend from college+)
2) Daniela (friend from college +)
3) Kristina (friend from Tulsa)
4) Paige (friend/roommate from college)
5) Nikki (friend from work)
6) Lisa (from work)
7) Donna (friend from Chicago)
8) Jenny (friend from highschool/college)
9) Jesenia (friend from Tulsa)
10) Mildred (friend from Tulsa)
11) Becky (friend from Chicago)

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Anonymous said...

The curlers story takes me back too. However, my mom tied my hair in rags every friday night which is much more comfortable. Yes, hair is really, really curly when tied in rags!! I can't imagine how it would make my hair look now.