Tuesday, June 4, 2013


So, I just realized that my last post was number 600!  How cool is that?!  I'm kind of proud of myself for sticking with something so long.  For someone who has a hard time finishing anything (that doesn't involve food), this is quite an accomplishment.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with you, dear readers, and although I go through times that I post less frequently, you are always in my thoughts.

So, I guess I should update you with what's been going on in our world.

Kiki has now learned to climb out of her crib.  For the most part, she only uses this skill in the morning after she's woken up.  It's actually quite convenient.  Rosie and her usually wake around the same time, and come to greet us together every morning.  I've been crossing my fingers that she won't figure out that her skill can be used during nap-time.  Yesterday, after putting the girls down for nap, I thought I heard Rosie walking around, so I ran upstairs to see what was up.  She was sound asleep, and Kiki's door was still closed, so I figured that I had just dreamed it.  Later in the afternoon, after Rosie woke up, I heard Kiki and went to get her.  When I opened the door, I found her in her crib, but all around her was almost every book from her bookcase.  Apparently, she had gotten out of bed, filled her crib, and then climbed back in.  She cracks me up.

Crazy Kiki

Rosie has been enjoying taking on the big sister role lately.  She really gets a kick out of being able to help Kiki with things.  Well, most of the time.  This week, Kiki asked Rosie to help her dress her baby doll and Rosie said, "I'm doing this because I'm a good big sister, even though I really don't want to help you right now."  I had to hide my smile.  Another thing she's been doing lately is tell me "secrets".  She will come up to me with a secret and tell me the most random things.  Yesterday, she whispered in my ear, "Mommy, I keep my pants in my closet."  Obviously, she doesn't quite get the concept, but I'm enjoying hearing her take on it.     

We have almost gotten over the final hump of the house buying/selling journey.  They did the appraisal on the house we are buying on Friday, and we are just waiting to hear what it comes back at.  I'm pretty much over this whole process.  I love to feel in control, and in this situation, I have none.   It's really taken a toll on me.  I'm so ready for it to be done!  If all goes well, we are slated to close in a little under three weeks.  Yikes!  I haven't even thought about packing yet.  I don't want to start until I know for sure it's all systems go.

To demonstrate how nuts this whole situation has made me, I would love to show you the shoes I showed up to the pool wearing last week...

Yes, I wore these.

I had to go to the inspection at the new house last week and Maria sweetly agreed to watch the girls for me.  We decided to go the pool in her neighborhood beforehand.  I scrambled around that morning, trying to get myself and the girls ready for the pool, get the lunches packed, and get clothes, blankies, etc. for going over to Maria's after and an outfit for me to wear to the inspection.  I got everyone and everything in the car and drove to the pool.  I was sitting in the van waiting for Maria to arrive, when I looked down at my feet.  That's when I realized I was wearing those slippers above and that they were the only shoes I had brought with me.  I was going to have to wear those (with a sundress) to the inspection!  How NUTS am I?!  Luckily, Maria shared some shoes with me, so I didn't have to look as crazy as I am.  Whew! 

I have let my head start decorating the new house, which probably isn't wise, but I can't seem to help myself.  I've had so much fun figuring out where our furniture and decor will go.  In the new house, there will an area for a playroom/classroom for the girls.  Last year, I found this alphabet print at an antique store in Asheville.  I've wanted to frame it, but it's a weird size and I really didn't have a place for it, so it's been low on the priority list.  I started thinking about it this week, and thought I would try to get it custom framed.  I knew it could be expensive, so before I did it, I stopped by Goodwill, to see if they had anything.  Of course, there wasn't anything that fit it perfectly, but I did find one that I thought could work, if I put fabric behind the print.  I also found two little frames that I thought I could put some prints from a vintage, "Dick and Jane" book I found.

The before frames... 

My vintage "Dick and Jane" book.  Isn't it sweet! 

The Alphabet print 

The finished products.  I'm excited to (hopefully) put them in their new room! 

I just loved the pictures of Jane and Sally together.  I hadn't planned on keeping the matting in the frames, but the colors all coordinated.  

I couldn't find a frame to fit, so I put burlap behind.  I think it'll be just fine.  

This passed weekend we drove over to Lake Junaluska for Campmeeting.  It is BEAUTIFUL there!  I mean, just gorgeous.  After church, we spent the afternoon with Elizabeth, David and family in the cabin they rented.  We had such a good time, and by the time we got home that evening we were exhausted.  I didn't take any pictures and I'm so sad about that.  Actually, I did get a picture with Nancy and I together that I sent to my mom.  They were really good friends in college, so I thought she would enjoy seeing her.

My one picture from the day!

In food news, I made a batch of slowcooker lentils today.  If you are looking for a lentil recipe, I would DEFINITELY recommend this one.  The girls both loved them, and even Mark (someone very weary of any bean) enjoyed them.  I just served them over rice and they were perfect.   

I really can't think of much more to share.  We really haven't been doing anything too exciting over here.  Well, there has been some sister wrestling.  That's always fun! 

It started out as a hug and turned into full on play wrestling with lots of laughter!

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