Thursday, August 15, 2013

A full one...

Ever have one of those days that seem like they will NEVER end?  That was my yesterday.  It was a really good day, but for an introvert like myself, it was incredibly draining!  I was exhausted by the end of it, but for the life of me, I couldn't sleep.

It started out early, when a friend of mine, Natalie, who recently had a new little girl, stopped in for a quick visit.  It was so nice to hold a newborn again.  I totally forgot how tiny they are!  Did it give me the baby bug?  Yes, it did.  Then I was quickly brought down to earth by a Kiki-sized temper tantrum.  I was miraculously cured!

The girls had a blast playing with her older little girl, Sara, and continued to play outside after they left.  Somehow the sprinkler got brought into the play and, although it was a bit chilly, I let that happen for quite awhile.  They love themselves a sprinkler.  I remember loving them as a kiddo, as well.

I forgot to get my camera out yesterday, but this is a favorite from awhile back.  

I've started occasionally singing with a group called Carolina Heart Song.  They are a small group of the sweetest ladies.  One sings, one plays the harp or piano, and the other plays the keyboard.  When I am with them I like to add my talent of interpretive dance...just kidding.  I sing harmony, mostly:)  They are very Godly women, and I appreciate their insight.  They are also very passionate about music, and sometimes I find that a bit intimidating, but I'm trying to just be confident, something I clearly struggle with in many aspects of my life!  Anyway, the girl that sings came over in the afternoon to work on a new song.  She's such an energetic person and so full of life.  I love being around her, but I'm pretty worn out by the end:)

When Mark got home, I ran a few errands and then headed to pick Anca and Maria up for book club.  It was at Clarissa's house and was completely lovely.  We had good discussion and great snacks (the best biscuits and jam ever).  I also had a very uplifting talk with a friend that helped put some things into perspective for me, which I needed!  I struggle with putting my priorities in the right place.

When I got home, Mark and Logan were engaged in deep conversation, so I joined in on that one, and by midnight, I was spent.  The bed never felt so good, although, like I mentioned, sleep didn't come.

Today, we've hit Pilates and after that, I had a hardcore talk session with Andrea while I watched the girls play outside.  They are obsessed with spray bottles right now.  Mom Murrill sent some to the girls to help with watering the plants and they could literally do that for hours.

I hope to finish painting the china cabinet today.  I've done one coat, and it definitely could use another.  I'm so excited about it.  My vision has been to put vintage-y floral wallpaper, wrapping paper or fabric in the back, but I'm struggling with finding the right thing.  I've already gotten two different things that don't work and I don't want to settle, so I'm still on the quest for the right thing.  Wish me luck!

Coat #1 

Another project I've been working on is lighting for the playroom.  I don't know if I've shown you pictures of the playroom, but this was it a few weeks ago.  Right now, I can't walk in it because it's completely covered in toys and I can't muster the strength I need to conquer it right now.  Excuse the quality and lighting, they were taken on my phone in the evening.

What I have purposely left out of the picture, is the light fixture in there.  This is why...

It would be absolutely precious in a little guy's room, but a feminine girls' playroom?  Not so much!  I found a great alternative, but I just have to figure out how to wire and hang it.  This may surprise you, but I'm not very good with electrical work. :) In fact, I'm probably the last person you want messing with live wires, so the project is on hold until I can figure that part out.  But here's what will be taking it's place...eventually.

I found this beauty for $5.00 at Goodwill.  Yes, it's very green.  It pictures greener than it really is.  I'm hoping the color won't overwhelm the space when it's hung.  

Well, I have some painting to finish up.  Thanks for the comment and texts I got yesterday.  A few people mentioned that they've had problems commenting.  I'm sorry about that!  You are very sweet people for reading this blog of mine, even though I haven't been a very dependable updater!  I promise to be better!   



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completely in LOVE with the chandelier...bright green is perfect :)