Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hump Day

I'm pretty sleepy tonight, so I'll keep this brief.  We've had a good week so far, but it feels like it's been busy.  I can't really pinpoint why I feel this way, because we haven't done much.  I guess, it's just that kind of week.  

The girls got a special package in the mail from their Auntie Tasha and inside were the cutest things.    They LOVED everything, but especially loved these little outfits.  They wanted me to take pictures of them to show Auntie Tasha.  I thought they turned out sweet.  Thank you, Tasha!!!  You are the best!

Like I said, I'll keep this short.  I'm so tired!  Have a great night! 

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Tasha Heinrich said...

I sure love those girlies! :)