Thursday, August 8, 2013

Skeletons in the Closet

Two days in a row, friends!  Hopefully, I'm back on the blogging train now.  Since I have the memory of a pencil, I really need this blog.  I use it as a scrapbook of our lives.  I love being able to look back and read about our family happenings, especially milestones of the girls.  When I don't blog for awhile, I completely forget things that have happened and I really want to document them.

Luckily, many of my friends are like elephants when it comes to remembering.  If I have any questions about my childhood, I call Kaylee.  She has the best memory of anyone I have ever known, hands down.  I love hearing her tell stories.  They are so full of detail!  I may remember that I had a 10th birthday party as a child, but she can tell me what presents I got, what kind of cake we had and numerous hilarious anecdotes from the event.  Andrea is my high school rememberer and she, Nicole and Tasha keep me in the know when it comes to my college years.  I really hate having a poor memory, but at the same time, it is pretty nice being able to legitimately forget the bad things.

In other news, I went back to pilates today.  It's been tooooooooooo long.  It was so hard!  My body is really out of shape.  It's like all my muscles atrophied in my month off.  It didn't help that I spent the last month in vacation mode.  Ice cream was on the menu too many times to count!  So yes, I'm really ready to be back.  I don't plan on moving again, ever:) and I don't have any trips planned in the near future, so hopefully I'm good to go with making it a regular part of my schedule.  

The weather here has been so wacky lately.  It rains almost every day and has for the last month+.  I need to get the girls out, so we've taken to playing in the rain.  It's pretty fun and they have been having the time of their lives. I need to get some pictures of their excitement.  It's raining as I type, so hopefully after nap, I can get a few shots.

So, while Andrea was here, something funny happened that I feel deserves sharing.  She told me about this navy dress she had gotten and she really wanted to find some shoes to match it.  She mentioned that it had a lace back and I pictured something very feminine.  I was excited to see it.  She was bathing Avie one night and I was in her room, just chatting with her and I asked her to see the dress.  She directed me to her bag and as I pulled it out I noticed right away that the lace was a skeleton.  Knowing Andrea, I was completely shocked that she bought something with a skeleton on it.  She's very girly and doesn't like anything scary.  Part of me guessed that she didn't realize it, but I wasn't completely sure.  I mentioned something like, "Oh, a skeleton," just to feel her out.  She looked at me like I was nuts and I knew she hadn't realized.  I lifted the dress to show her and we both started dying laughing.  She had no idea!  Apparently lace skeletons are a big trend nowadays, because we've seen them all over since.  Needless to say, the dress went back to the store.
The Skeleton Dress

Well, I hear one of the ladies rousing.  Hope your afternoon is a great one! 

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