Monday, August 19, 2013

Slow Sunday

So, you'd think I'd get so much accomplished on my Sunday, but I certainly did not.  I should have used that time to do something productive, but I think I've been going and going and going and I just couldn't go any more.  I did run a few errands, but other than that, no projects.

A friend did text me to see if I wanted an old pottery barn rug she was getting rid of.  She is redoing her little girl's playroom and didn't need it anymore.  It's adorable, but it had a few tiny little holes in it.  You know me, I'll take anything, so I headed over to pick it up.  It's perfect in the girls' room and all I had to do was a little mending and it's as good as new.

I love FREE stuff:)  

You barely notice it, right;)  Just humor me! 

I still haven't finished the china cabinet, but I think I'm closer to finding the backing.  I'm leaning toward this fabric.  It's pillowcases and I only have two, so my dilemma is if I have enough.  We will see. 

China Cabinet fabric?

I don't have much more to report.  Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!  Here are a few pictures from ours...

Kiki experimenting with chopsticks for the first time.  She's a natural...not really. 

I love this little girl that Rosie is talking to.  It's the daughter of the owner of the restaurant and whenever we go in, they "hang out".  She's got an iphone and an ipad and they play games together. Apparently, she's friends with lots of people, though.  This long-haired, sort of scary-looking guy came in and she went and set at the table with him while he ate.  I guess he is a regular and they eat dinner together rather often.  Hilarious! 

We celebrated Kiki's 2nd birthday at Sabbath School this week!  She seemed very pleased:) 

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