Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Week of the Yellow Cardigan

This last week went too quickly!  It was busy, but good.  Here are a few pics from the last few days...

I took everything out of my craft room closet, and Mark installed some shelving.  During the process, I got VERY overwhelmed, but it was worth the effort. 

The finished product!  So much more organized! 

The girls, all ready for school! They love their new dresses from Auntie Kay!  

Friends at church 

The girls with daddy after church.  Rosie was not enjoying this. 

Miss Pouty Pants 

One of our neighbors brought their horse over.  I wish I got a better picture of the neighbor.  He looked exactly like a younger, buff Ralph Lauren.  Mark and I felt like we were talking with a movie star.    

We drove the Parkway on Sabbath afternoon and hiked for awhile.  

Flying High

These views are amazing! 

Kiki, peeing on the parkway!  The views don't get any better than this! 

Mark took Kiki on a date this afternoon

And I took Rosie on one!  It was so fun.  She ended up saying,  "I think I want to marry you, Mom!"  I took it as a huge compliment:)  

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Kelsey said...

My Dad used to take us out individually on "Daddy dates". I loved it, and have great memories of our "dates". I'm sure your girls will have fond memories of their one on one time spent with you as well. :)