Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Weeds Will Not Win!

So, I've felt like my whole house hasn't been clean in a long time.  It seems like there's always some area that's a complete wreck.  Today, I think I've almost remedied that.  My closet is still a mess, but that's kind of a given with me.  And it's not like the house is super clean, but I'm feeling closer.  Will it last long?  No.  Probably tomorrow I'll be right back to where I started, but for now it feels nice and I'm going to bask in that feeling.

We've had a good day.  I spent most of the morning cleaning, we played outside, and my friend Jessica came over so I could help her sew something.  I really shouldn't be the person teaching anyone about sewing, but it was fun, none the less.

Tonight, I went to Zumba.  I think I've lost all of my rhythm and endurance over the last year.  It was so hard.  Always fun, but,!  While I was out, I got a tool that I think is going to change the face of our lawn care forever.  It's a weed puller and it's amazing!  Have you ever seen them?  You stand on them and the bottom thing twists the weeds out of the ground.  I mentioned that we have a horrible weed problem.  They are these huge weeds that you can't just pull out.  Their roots are super deep and really tough.  Anyway, I tested the tool out, and they popped right out.  I couldn't stop doing it.  It's so addictive.  Mark went ahead and started putting the girls down without me, because I was just so into weeding.  I highly recommend this product!!!  I feel like I could do this as a job.

Go buy one of these!

These are the kind of weeds I'm talking about.  They are ridiculous.  

And this is it removed, roots and all!  It took me about two seconds!  

This is neither here nor there, but can I just tell you how much I love Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan.  I rarely get the chance to watch them, but when I do I just laugh and laugh.  Their chemistry is so good.  I like to think we'd be fast friends if we got the chance to meet.  Like I said, neither here nor there.
Here are a few pictures from our day...

Rosie and Keeks have started playing Beauty Shop.  Rosie spends tons of time fixing Kiki's hair and remarkably, she sits still and seems to enjoy it.  Here is the back of one of Rosie's creations.  

And the front 

I'm kind of a one trick pony when it comes to decorating.  I found a different set of antiquey Alphabet cards that I just loved, but really didn't have a place for them.  I'm trying them out in the hall outside of the girls' room and playroom.  

This kid is so loving!  It's really been surprising.  She comes and gives me the biggest hugs and just holds me forever.  I especially love it when she sighs during her hug like she's just so happy. 

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