Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Kids These Days

We are in full Little House On the Prairie mode over here.  Rosie prefers to be called Mary now and will actually correct you if you call her anything but.  Kiki, in turn, is Laura, although she enjoys fighting about everything and says she is Mary, just to get a rise out of Rosie.  Rosie came close to changing her name to Laura yesterday, when she learned that Mary went blind.  She cried for a bit and said, "I don't want that disease!"  I assured her she was safe and promised never to send her off to a blind school.  Thankfully, that calmed her.  

I love that as soon as Mark gets home from work, I hear the girls start yelling, "Pa's home, Pa's home!"  I also love that Rosie requests braids daily and also carries around a little lantern.  I'm not minding this new stage at all and I'm starting to prefer being called, "Ma." 

The girls had a great time at school yesterday.  Kiki seems to be very popular and all of the kids yell, "Hi, Kiki!" when she arrives.  Rosie is very confident about school until she gets to the door of her classroom.  Then she freezes and the teacher and I have to do some intense coaxing to get her in.  Her teacher always gets a kick out of what she brings in her backpack.  She puts stuff in without me realizing.  One week she brought four blankets.  Another time she brought some bejeweled flip-flops (even though it was chilly) and as soon as I left, the teacher said she took her regular shoes off and switched them for her "cool" shoes.  Should I be worried?  It reminds me of those girls that bring short skirts and make-up to do in the bathroom before school.  She tried the old flip flop trick on me again yesterday, but I found them in her backpack before I dropped the girls off, and discreetly removed them.  Kids these days!

I had a nice visit from our pastor's wife in the afternoon.  She's a sweet lady and we chatted for quite some time while the girls napped.  Then, last night, I had photography class.  Hopefully, I can put everything I'm learning to practice with the girls!  A friend asked me to take a few fall pictures of her kiddos, as well, and it would be nice if I didn't mess that up.  I have to admit, I'm a little nervous about taking them, but it also sounds like a fun challenge!  

All of a sudden, I'm very sleepy, so I better get off here.  Here are a few pictures from my phone...

Rosie loves playing soccer! 

Is it just me or does Kiki look so much older...and harrier? 

Rosie, too!  Kids just grow up so fast.  

Up to no good, this one 

Rosie couldn't make it to the potty, and had to sit and pee in the front yard.  Kiki decided to join her. 

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