Sunday, October 20, 2013

Yay, Chiefs!!!!

Oh, Sunday nights!  I love you and I loathe you!  I love being able to cuddle with Mark and watch our favorite shows, but I really don't like knowing that tomorrow he goes back to work.  I sure miss the weekends when they are gone!

Right now Mark is watching the Chief's game that he had dvr'd earlier today.  I already know that they've won and that they are now 7-0, which is a HUGE deal to us Chief's fans.  Especially after our horrible season last year.  It's oh-so-hard not to say anything to him, but I know better than to let that one slip.  Mark rarely, if ever, gets mad.  He is the most laid back man I know, but you tell him a score/outcome of a game he's trying to hold out for, and he gets real...frustrated.  It's the closest I've seen him to angry, and I don't want to test him, so I'll just sit here and bite my tongue!   

We had a nice finish to our week.  A few friends come into town, which is always a treat.  Our friend, Rich, came in on Thursday.  He is a recruiter for Union, so he comes in October every year to talk to the students at Pisgah Academy.  He always comes welding hilarious stories and his camera.  Meredith, spent the night on Thursday night, and we stayed up way too late watching the Project Runway finale (GO DOM!!!). The girls always LOVE having her around.  On Friday, the girls and I went to eat with Logan, Rich and Meredith in downtown Asheville.  Mark couldn't join us, because he was so busy, but it was fun catching up. 

Collegiate Monroe eating with her pals on Friday 

Rich took a few shots in our backyard before we went to eat.  He took a few others when Mark got home on Friday afternoon, but he hasn't edited them yet.  

I love this kiddo! 

Our friends, Charlie and Kirsten, live about two minutes from our house, so on Friday evening, they came over for dinner.  I made chili, and Charlie made his famous apple pie and it was wonderful.  He takes his pie making very seriously, and I now understand why.  It was amazingly good.  The crust was the best crust I've ever tasted.     

After Church and naps on Saturday, we headed over to David and Elizabeth's.  We went on the craziest  hayride I've ever been on around their property and then went canoeing.  After dinner, we put the kids to bed and watched a movie, then headed home around midnight.

Today, we did yard work, laundry, cleaned the house and then this afternoon, we went on a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  We are in peak leaf season right now and it's just so beautiful.  I can't get enough of the colors, although, I always seem to get carsick.  It's worth it, though!  If you haven't been to Asheville in the fall, I highly recommend it.  

It's grandeur was pretty hard to capture on my phone, but it's breathtaking! 

Keekster at Craggy Gardens.  We brought dinner along and decided to eat it at one of the overlooks.  It was beautiful, but very cold.  

Rosie in her parka.  It was in the 40's and we aren't quite used to the cold weather yet! 

I was so sad to not be in Oklahoma today, because all my family got together to celebrate my beautiful Mumsie's 95th birthday!  I can't think of a lovelier person.  She's amazing!  

This girl's got a sweet tooth:)

I will leave you with these amazing pictures of Dr. Murrill.  I had two different friends send me this picture of Mark this week that were displayed at a career fair at Loma Linda University.  Pictures from this "modeling" gig from back when we lived in Florida, pop up ever so often, and we always get a kick out of them.

My actual doctor friend, Marcello, posing with fake Dr. Mark:) 

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