Friday, October 11, 2013

Memphis On My Mind

We had such a wonderful time in Memphis.  The trip was inspired by Mark heading out on back-to-back business trips.  This mom was a little overwhelmed by the possibility of being all alone for eight days with the kiddos.  It doesn't seem like too long, but I'm never so glad to see Mark's face when he comes home every evening after work and that's just an eight hour day!  I couldn't imagine eight days with no handsome face, so we packed up and headed to see the Baughman's, and their handsome faces.  

We kept busy while there, especially with the scads of children around.  There were children for miles, or so it seemed.  With my two, Kay's three and a new addition (an infant that she has started watching), our car trips were adventures, to say the least.  Loading and unloading alone, took at least an hour:)  While there, we shopped till we dropped, roasted smores, visited a pumpkin patch, attended a fall fest, and went to the botanic gardens.  Tons of fun and memories, and more kid fights than I can count:)  My favorite part was the nights on the couch with Kay and Bran, laughing and sharing stories.  It makes my heart ache just thinking about how far away they are.  I also loved watching the kids act just like siblings, just the way it should be.   

Bonfire and smores with Uncle Bran on the back deck.  

One afternoon the kids created a classroom in the living room and Mattie taught school.  So cute!

Mr. Comfy at the pumpkin patch!  I love this kid.  

Kay and her tiny pumpkin 

Kiki, pondering life and pumpkins.  

Mark texted me one morning when I wasn't in the room, and this is the picture he got back:) 

Happy Sabbath? 

Fall Fest!  Mattie and Keeks 

Rosie had the time of her life.  Our usually very reserved, terrified little person, was the first one in the jump house.  I didn't recognize her! 

Face Painting 

Kiki's turn


This picture pretty much sums up Reese and Kiki's relationship.  Love and War. 

The Fearless Three

Who's afraid of stuff?  Not this kid! 

This was taken just milliseconds before I got body slammed by Reese.  

So, this happened at the fall fest.  I was walking along and all of a sudden my toes felt concrete.  RIP my favorite red flats.  You will be missed.  I've had them since 2003, so I guess it was time. 

The three amigos 

Fun Slide! 

Doesn't she have a cute tush? 

The Angry Gnome.  If there isn't a children's book with this title, there should be.  

Playing in one of the miniature houses. 

A rare moment of getting along. 



Another set of "sisters" 

Sweet faces

Feeding the fish.  I forgot to mention that just before this, our little posse was attacked by very aggressive ducks.  It was rather terrifying.  

We were so sad to leave on Wednesday morning, but we were also so excited to get home to daddy!  Rosie, much like her mama, struggled on the way home.  She would periodically burst into tears and whimper, "please turn around and go back, mommy!"  She loves her some Baughmans and so do I! 

No road trip is complete without a Cracker Barrel stop.  

The night after we got back home was the hospital gala, which I had done zero planning for.  The dress code for the event was hawaiian/resort.  I know!!!  What does that even mean?  I had the hardest time coming up with an outfit.  I had one hawaiian print dress from one of our vacations, but after trying it on, I felt it looked a little too corny.  I ended up with more of a nautical/resort look.  When we arrived, I saw that there were a variety of different looks, most being very kitschy hawaiian.  I kind of regretted my choice, but what can you do?!  It was a really fun evening, but the food was a real let down.  Mark and I have come to the realization, that whenever you choose the vegetarian option, you get a raw deal.  Our meal consisted of a tiny bit of rice and a few random vegetables.  We were so hungry when we left, that we had to stop at Taco Bell!   

One of the many pics I sent to Andrea, as she assisted in helping me decide from afar.  

Our Taco Bell stop

Today, has been a good day.  We went to get pumpkins and mums for the front porch, we made a thankful tree, and Mark participated in a little fundraiser in downtown Hendersonville for battered women called, "Walk a Mile in Her Shoes", where men wear high heels and walk a mile.  He was so talented that he won "Best Strut"!  I'm ever so proud:)

Our Thankful Tree.  It doesn't picture very well, but the girls had so much fun making it.  

Mark, accepting his distinguished award this afternoon.  

We don't have any big plans for the weekend.  Just church and lots of yard work.  The one problem about having trees, is all the leaves!  It's going to be a very full Sunday!  Anyway, have a wonderful weekend!  


Tracy said...

I was going to say my favorite pic is YOUR red shoes (holey moley!) but no!!! It's Mark's red shoes!! lol, love it :) Rosie's hair is getting so long! And Kiki's blue eyes get me every time...too cute :)

Anca said...

Looks like a super fun visit. That botanical garden is one of my most favorite places. Have lots of good memories there...glad you all got to make some too!