Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Welcome, October!

Happy October!  In the words of Anne Shirley, "I am so glad I live in a world with Octobers."  The weather here is just the most perfect fall mix and I'm loving it.  I hope you are having a wonderful start to your fall as well.  

Our weekend was a packed one.  A friend came into town on Friday evening, and stayed the night.  It was fun seeing her and the girls LOVED the extra attention.  On Sabbath, we had a few friends over for lunch and then tagged along with David and Elizabeth on the Blue Ridge Parkway for a great afternoon.  They took us to some areas that we had never been and it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL!   It was so late by the time we got back to their house, that we ended up spending the night.  I love a good sleepover.  We stayed up late laughing and eating.  They have the coolest guest area out on their screened-in porch and Mark and I enjoyed sleeping out there.  It was almost like camping, except with a comfy bed.  

Here are a few pictures of our day...

Kiki, on the start of our hike.  I was nervous when the first thing she did was plop down on the ground.  I was scared it was a sign of things to come.  Luckily, it wasn't!  Both girls loved it and did great! 

Our brood of kiddos! 

Rosie girl

Enjoying the views 

Our littlest hiker 

The Wrights 

I didn't get the memo about the hiking and ended up in these shoes.  Not my brightest moment, but they weren't too horrible.  

Baby James!  I love this pic.  He is soooo cute! 

Kiki rode in the backpack on the hike down.  Clearly she was ecstatic. 

Always on the go, this one. 

Kite Flying

Daddy is a pro kite flyer! 

Enjoying hot chocolate and snacks after a long, cool hike. 

Our little family!

On Sunday, we came home and rested a bit.  Sadly, Kiki and I ended up with a tummy ache and had to miss out on a birthday party that night:(.  Luckily, it was short lived and we are back on track. 

In other news, I finished my craigslist hutch!  I know, it took me forever!  I apologize!  I'm still working on what to put in it, but that will come with time, I guess.  

I found this thick gift wrapping paper at a little boutique.  It was a little expensive, but I'm so happy with the final product! 

I have started taking the girls to a little Mother's Morning Out program, once a week.  It's been so nice.  It's only a couple hours, but it's been such a treat to clean without little people messing it up right after.  I also take a nice shower and put make-up on in my free time.  It's pretty special:)  I'm always concerned that they won't let me take my children home, because I look so different from drop-off to pick-up!  My favorite part is the artwork the girls bring home each time!  It's so cute!

They are loving "school", and come home with so many stories to tell.  They also really enjoy carrying their backpacks, which seems to be their favorite part of the whole thing.  Kids are so crazy:) 

Something exciting happened last week.  Well, actually it's completely unexciting to anyone but me.  I was finally able to accomplish the hairstyle I've been trying to do for forever.  I have pinterested the dickens out of this style and finally came upon a tutorial that I could follow.  I was so happy that I had to take a picture.  It may never happen again, so it needed to be captured on camera! 

This picture also helped me realize that I'm cross-eyed!  Yikes!   

We've been seeing a multitude of caterpillars around these parts!  The black, furry kind. They are everywhere.  I counted 15 on the way back from picking the girls up today from school.  Anyway, I learned this weekend, that according to some, all these caterpillars mean we are in store for a crazy winter!  This has excited me beyond belief, because I'm a big believer in old wive's tales.  Last year, we got a flurry here and there, but nothing to write home about.  I hope we get a big ole' snow this time around! 

Anyway, I'm headed out of town this week with the girls.  Going to visit a friend out of state.  I'll try to keep in touch, but knowing me, it isn't going to happen.  Have a great week! 


Tracy said...

ummm don't leave me hanging...what's the tutorial for your hair?? LOVE it! :)

SO cute pics of the hike, looks like it's cooling off there, hope it does here in KC soon! Love the pic of the family :)

LOVE your finished product!! Now, if you want to sell it, they are going for like $300 here!

Shelley Robertson said...

Love the hair!

Anca said...

Great job on the furniture! And hair! And...I'd love for you to show us some of those cool places off the parkway--we can only do sections at a time as there is too much to see :) Y'all are in the know!