Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday, Monday

Hey, friends!  How was your Monday?  Mine was pretty low key.  We stayed in almost all of the day.  Kiki still has a little cold and I thought it was better to keep her away from others.  After breakfast we went on a walk and, although it was a bit misty, it was beautiful and refreshing.    

Our Walk 

When we got home, the girls rode their bikes and played while I cleaned the garage.  I finally decided it was time to start parking in there and even though we have a lot of stuff, I knew it was doable.  I felt quite accomplished pulling the swagger wagon in for the first time.  Rosie started jumping up and down and said, "I'm so happy!"  I'm telling you, it doesn't take much to make that girl's day!  

All snug in it's new home.  

This is the ragamuffin that lives with me.  Snotty nose, dirty face, hair in eyes.  She's a keeper, though! 

We did a few little crafts after that.  The girls helped me sew a table runner out of a few pages from an old hymnal.  They had so much fun helping me with the sewing machine.  It was their first time with it and, although I only let them push the pedal down, they thought it was phenomenal.  

Our finished product 

Made with love by the girlies! 

Tomorrow is Mom's Morning Out.  I'm very happy about that.  I know that it's only about two hours, but it's so nice to be able to run here and there, without kiddos.  They are still really loving it, too.  Hopefully, Kiki's runny nose will have run it's course, so that we can still go! 

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