Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Imaginary Friends and Tree Climbing

Today, I overhead something scary.  I heard Kiki say to her friend, "Hey, I've got a really good idea."   I've come to know that any two-year-old that thinks they have a really good idea is probably wrong.  It turns out that "good idea" was eating playdough on the front porch.  Not a good idea.  Funny, but not a good idea. 

We said goodbye to daddy again today.  This time he headed off to Florida for some meetings.  The whole "daddy leaving a lot" thing is not my favorite thing.  It's actually up there with one of my least favorite things.  I actually cried when he left.  I really love that man and we all miss him like crazy when he's gone.  He comes back Thursday evening, so I can't complain too much, I guess:)

We had a nice weekend.  On Friday, we went to dinner with a prospective doctor and her family for Mark's work.  We ate at the Corner Kitchen, a favorite restaurant of the Obama's when they come into town.  In fact, we set at a table they had eaten at.  I know this because there were little plaques on them.  Kiki was in rare form and I wouldn't be surprised if the doctor chooses not to come, based solely on Kiki brushing her hair with her fork.  I feel like eating out comfortably is still not quite in our cards.  I'll give it a few more months.  

We had a very full day on Saturday and then, that night, had a few friends over to play games.  I hadn't laughed like that in forever!  Then, on Sunday, we decided on a whim, to head to Greenville for the day.  We ate at a Mexican Restaurant we hadn't tried (huge let down), visited our favorite park for a walk and finished it off with ice cream.  On the drive home, we got some South Carolina peaches, which are sooooo good this year.  Then we came home and worked on the yard for awhile.  

My nervous kiddo.  She chews her nails just like here mama :( 

My salsa loving kiddo.  She ate more than all of us combined. 

My loves 

Kiki, Mommy, and Daddy's hand.

Sweet as sugar, this one. 

Our very favorite ice cream joint.  I changed up my order a little, and I think I've stumbled upon my new favorite.  

Yesterday, the girls spent most of the day in our tree.  They have learned to climb trees.  Well, small bush-like trees.  Actually, just bushes, but they LOVE it!

The view from their bush.

Today, Mark stayed home in the morning to spend some time with the girls before he left.  I ran to the gym for a quick work-out.  Then, we met Mark for lunch before he headed to the airport.

Rosie dressed herself today and put this outfit together.  That skirt she's wearing is actually a dress.  How did she do this?  I'm so confused.  I blinked and she grew up and became a hippie.  

Funny things (at least to me) said recently: 

Rosie:  Mom, I'm playing with my imaginary friend.
Me: Oh, what's your friend's name?  
Rosie: Her name is Imaginary.  I already told you that.  

(Rosie found a book about breastfeeding in my bookcase) 
Rosie:  (Comes walking in with the book pointing to a drawing of a mom nursing a baby) Mom, this lady's boobies are so much bigger than yours.
Me:  Umm...Thank you? 

Me: (frustrated) Girls!  How many times do I have to tell you to not leave the door open?!
Kiki: Three

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