Monday, July 14, 2014

My Eyebrow Wrote this Post

Oh, friends.  I'm just plum worn out.  Today was our first day of VBS and it was exhausting.  The planning and execution was nothing compared to the wrangling of that many little people.  In fact, a few people compared it to herding cats and I wouldn't argue.  

I think I would be handling the stress better if Mark had been here.  I've decided that he's a big part of me being sane:)  Poor guy's got a lot on his shoulders!  I'm really looking forward to him getting back, but I'm very thankful for friends who've kept me busy this weekend.  On Saturday, I somehow got the girls to Sabbath School on time and then I hit the jackpot because it was Children's church, which the girls love.  After church, we went over to our friend's house for lunch and ended up staying the afternoon.  Then, after I put the girls down, another friend came over for snacks and to keep me company.  On Sunday, we spent the morning at the Church helping get VBS set up.  That evening a friend invited us over to swim and have dinner.  Like I said, it was great having places to go, so we didn't get too stir crazy:)  It was also nice, because Meredith stayed at our house all weekend.  We didn't see her much, because she came in pretty late every night, but it was nice knowing she was there at night.

We took pictures to send to daddy! 

These girls REALLY miss their daddy! 

So, I sent this picture to Mark so he wouldn't forget me and it hit me that there's a problem.  One season on the Bachelor, they always talked about this crazy girl who had one eyebrow that she couldn't control.  I've figured out that I, too, have an eyebrow that I can't control.  It's got a mind of it's own.  

My favorite memory from this weekend, was Sunday morning around 6 am.  Kiki came in and said she was hungry.  I told her to go downstairs and get a granola bar to tide her over until breakfast.  A few minutes later I heard something large coming up the stairs.  When I opened my eyes, Kiki was standing beside my bed lugging a huge bag of potatoes behind her.  She said, "I want this."  

After we all napped this afternoon, Jess brought over the girls and they all played outside for the afternoon.  They ended up staying for dinner, which made my last night without my husband, so much more bearable!  

The twins, looking very much like twins. 

This girl can turn it on when she wants. 

Layla and her sweet mommy 

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