Thursday, July 17, 2014

My Circus, My Monkeys

Well, we made it through!  Today was the last day of VBS.   It was fun and wonderful, but  I feel like people without young children should be in charge of things like that.  It's just really tough to accomplish anything with little people running all around.  Between all of us that helped out, we had 14 kids!  It was a small circus. 

The snack for today.  So cute:)

These girls are crack-ups.  


Enjoying themselves

This is my favorite look she gives.  It's her "Im very excited and proud of myself" look. 

There it is again. 

And again

Walking on water

Sifting through the sand 

This kid LOVES to color! 

Just playing

Shock and Awe 

Sponge Painting 

Snack time 

After VBS, we all headed to Strawberry Hill for a celebratory lunch.  That's always a treat.  The girls played and played until they were completely exhausted.  They both slept most of the afternoon.  I even got a nap in there, which was a treat.

Kiki woke up from her nap, and came and got in bed with me.  She fell back asleep and was so cute.  I tried to get a picture of her and her sweet little freckles without waking her up, but it didn't work.  Here she is a second after waking up, still a little stunned...

Then, after she realized what was going on...

Last night we had book club.  No one read the book, which made discussion about it a bit more difficult.  It was at Renae's house, though, and she really has the best backyard ever.  Her dad just built her this cool swing/fire pit thing.  It was lovely.   

Here are the girls tonight wearing their brand new jammies that Nana sent in the mail before bed.  Love these ladies:) 

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