Tuesday, July 15, 2014

He's HOME!!!

VBS went so much better today.  Just tweaking a few little things made it less chaotic and much more manageable.  In fact, we all really enjoyed ourselves today.  Yesterday, we were all in such a tizzy we didn't really get a chance to enjoy our time with each other or the kiddos.  Today, on the other hand, it was really fun.  We got to actually meet some of the visiting families and get to know them a bit better.  Hopefully, tomorrow is even better.

Here are a few pictures from the last two days of VBS. 

Mark's Mini-Me and my little love bug

Doing her sand art

Kiki, being a marine biologist 


Fun games outside

Kiki loves her some art! 

Relay race

This is her new smile:)  I love those little strawberry-stained cheeks!

Parachute fun! 

The thing we are most excited about around here is that Mark is HOME!  Yay!  He got in around midnight last night, so we haven't seen him too much yet, but it's just wonderful knowing he's here.  He had a great trip.  

He went to a Royals game 

Watched the World Cup Final 

He sent us pictures, too.  We REALLY MISSED HIM!

This afternoon, we just took it easy.  We decided to go outside and play in our little pool, but the girls ended up trying on about six bathing suits each and then decided they didn't want to swim.  Instead, they put on some tutus, so they could dance the afternoon away.  Kids!

Kiki, after one of her costume changes.  

She loves this suit.  She likes to say she has "boobies" when she wears it, which is very embarrassing when we are at a public pool.    

Tonight, I went to the grocery store, which we were in dire need of.  It's good to have food again!  Mealtimes are a lot less stressful, when there are options.  

So, just in case I needed another reason to be glad Mark is home...

The guy makes a mean and healthy smoothie.  

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