Friday, July 11, 2014

Mascot Love

It's been really awesome to be able to witness the sisterly love that Rosie and Kiki share.  Having three brothers, I never quite got to experience that. (Disclaimer-- I'm not knocking the brother/sister relationship at all.  Brothers are amazing!)  Although, the girls fight here and there, for the most part, they really like each other.  I catch them all the time embracing each other or holding hands.  It's just the sweetest thing!   

Here they are eating popsicles on the front porch while holding hands.  Feel free to ignore the fact that they are still in their pajamas at noon.  It's summer, people! 

Watching Little House on the Prairie together. 

Rosie's helping Kiki so she wouldn't fall.  They really are thoughtful of each other (for the most part) and it's make my heart so happy! 

Today, we took Mark to the airport in Greenville.  He was flying out to Kansas City for some work meetings.  We would have joined him, but I'm a VBS leader and it starts on Monday.  We were all so sad to not be going.  Rosie was especially devastated that Mark was leaving.  She just adores that guy.  She was weepy all morning.  To make our day a little more fun and get our minds off of Daddy going, we decided to make a day of Greenville.  We hit a few stores, went to Monkey Joe's (a kid's play place), and had lunch.  They had a blast and it definitely boosted their moods.

I mentioned in a previous post about Kiki's obsession with that chicken mascot from the 5k.  Well, move over Chicken, she's found a new mascot to stalk--Monkey Joe.  Poor Monkey Joe.  She wouldn't leave the guy alone.  She followed him all over creation and peppered him with about a million questions.  Joe doesn't speak, so one would assume she would give up.  Nope.  I finally had to carry her away because I could tell he didn't know how to handle all of the love.  I apologized and he just shrugged his monkey shoulders.  I'm not sure what that meant.  

Rosie was itching to get in the biggest jump thing the entire time we were there, but she was too nervous.  She finally got up enough nerve right before we were leaving.  

Here she is almost to the top...

Sadly, this is her about a second later, falling.  At least she tried.  I was sure proud of her effort.  

I didn't realize that there was a Papas and Beer in Greenville, but we stumbled upon it and that's where we ate lunch.  

Rosie Girl

We were greeted by a big box on the front porch when we got home.  I had no clue what could be inside, but it was addressed to me, so I was pretty excited.  Upon opening, I was shocked.  I had sent Kitchen Aid an email about my can opener I had gotten for Christmas.  It didn't work right and I had to end up tossing it. My previous one, which was also a Kitchen Aid, worked great for over ten years, so I was surprised that my new one didn't hold up.  Anyway, when I opened the box, I found not one, but three new can openers.  They were an even sturdier version of the one I had gotten.  What great customer service!  I'm a fan for life! 

It's SOOOO quiet around here.  The house is clean, the girls are sleeping and I have absolutely nothing to do with myself.  Having Mark gone is no bueno!  I don't think I've mentioned that I'm really working on my Spanish.  I just read something that said Alzheimers shows up 5-10 years later for people who learn a second language.  I got right on it and downloaded this app called Duolingo.  I highly recommend it.  There are quite a few languages to choose from and I'm enjoying it more than Rosetta Stone.

Adios, Amigas!  Buenas Noches!   

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