Monday, September 23, 2013

Inexpensive Plate Wall

Are you looking for an inexpensive wall decoration?  I had a huge blank space on the wall going up our stairs.  It was calling out to be filled, but I couldn't figure out what with.  I had toyed with using framed family photos, but then I stumbled upon a picture on Pinterest that I just loved.  It was a plate wall.  I have always loved plates.  In fact, I have quite the collection.  If you helped in my recent move or if you are my husband, you know and may be a tiny bit annoyed by the ridiculous amount.

I used some of my own plates, but had the most fun purchasing a few unique new ones, much to the chagrin of Mark.   I love all of the fun plates out there for cheap or you could use family heirlooms to make your wall extra special and sentimental.

I looked at a few stores and online for plate hangers, but ended up devising my own way of hanging them, which was much quicker and way more affordable.  I purchased a package of picture hangers at Target and used hot glue to attach them.  So easy and they seem super sturdy!  I didn't plan on using these plates again for serving purposes, so it didn't matter to me that the hot glue was permanent.  If you want to reuse yours, definitely invest in actual plate holders!

I plan on collecting more plates with time, so it's a work in progress, but I'm really in love with the results.  I especially love that the whole project, from start to finish, was less than $10!  I don't think it can get any better than that!

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Tracy said...

Such a great idea!!! I think we need a new house tour soon girl ;)