Monday, August 1, 2011

Just when you thought I couldn't get any weirder...

This pregnancy is so strange.  It is manifesting itself in the most bizarre ways.  Apparently, I must be suffering from restless leg syndrome.   

About a month ago we noticed that our favorite sheets were starting to nub up a little where my feet normally reside.  We laughed and said it must be my legs and feet twitching at night.  Well, it got progressively worse until an actual little hole appeared.  We laughed again and I thought I would just mend it right up.  Well, it has now gotten out of control and this is now what I sleep with every night...

Just to put this in perspective, that hole is almost 2 feet long.  

I almost didn't post this because, well, it is embarrassing.  I tried every camera angle to make this look less gross, but it's next to impossible to make a hole in your sheets look classy.  Not even blurred edges.  

I dare not switch to another set of sheets right now because I sure don't want to ruin any more.  Also, these are the softest most comfortable sheets ever.   I find myself getting tangled in the black hole and I frequently hear the dreaded tearing sound.  It almost seems like the sheet is disintegrating. I have a feeling that by the time this kid arrives, there will be no bottom sheet on my side of the bed.

Rosie and I haven't done too much today.  We have worked on laundry, made lunch, napped, cleaned, played, read know, all of the most important things in life.  Rosie is still in her jammies and it's almost 5 pm.  She just looks so cute in them, that I couldn't bare to change her.  I'm not much better.  I did get "ready", but I never added any pants to to my ensemble.  My shirt has been very comfortable and my companion didn't seem to mind or even notice my lack of lower clothing.  

Well, it's August.  Yes, I said August.  I know!  It's crazy to me, too.  I can't believe that this little lady will be here (if all goes as planned) this month!  This summer has just flown by.  

Rosie's newest infatuation is "Ring Around the Rosie".  Mom and Dad Murrill taught it to the kids this weekend and she took to it like a duck to water.  She wants to do it over and over and over and over.  Finally, I figured out that I can just sing it and she can do all of the falling.  That has made it so much easier on pregnant me.  I'm looking into downloading the song.  That would be a really good thing.  

Do you think that McKinley will get her feelings hurt if I don't take maternity pictures?  My friend, Tasha,  just had hers done and they were oh so cute.  Nicole was going to do mine in between her two trips, but it was just way too busy and we didn't get it done.  She doesn't get back until the the 8th and I'm not sure it will happen.  Hopefully, if it doesn't, my child won't mind.  

In kind of similar news, we are getting closer to choosing a camera.  We've gone to look at them, done lots of research online, talked to many of our friends with different kinds, and have saved some money.  I really would like to get it before McKinley arrives.  I know I don't have any photography training or anything, but I really feel that a DSLR camera would definitely step up my game.  I love taking pictures and I know I would love it all the more with a nice piece of equipment.  

So on Thursday I have to have my one-on-one meeting with the new CEO of the hospital.  I'm always nervous in situations like that, but I'm extremely nervous about this one for some reason.  Don't you think it deserves a new shirt or something?  I really think it could boost my confidence.  I might need to do some very light shopping tomorrow.  

So, it's now after 8 pm and I did end up getting out and I did put on pants.  Well, not pants, a skirt, but I at least had on lower clothing.  I put clothes on Rosie, as well.  All these strides didn't happen until Mark got home.  We decided to celebrate being alive (yes we'll toast to anything) and went out to eat.  We tried a little Mexican place that we had been wanting to give a go for a long time.  I got enchiladas and they were truly very amazing.  Not too heavy and really just perfect.  But the most perfect thing they had there was this...

It is called pineapple coconut water and it was the best sweet drink ever.  I might be going back, just for another one of these!!!

I also ran into Savers and of course, I came out with books for Rosie...

Did you notice the Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories Book?!!!  What a find!  I felt pretty excited when I found it. 

I wanted to show you the cutest little hair dealies that Mom Murrill got for Monroe at H&M.  

I just love them!  She will look so cute in them...if I don't wear them first:)  Mom also got all of us girls the loveliest summer scarves.  So beautiful.  I would show you a picture, but I'm too tired to take one.  

I hate to admit what I'm doing right now...I'm watching the Bachelorette!  I know, it's shameful:).  I haven't watched this whole season, but I've seen five minutes here, five minutes there.  Tonight is the finale and I am super curious to find out who she ends up choosing.  We will see.

Well, I need to finish up the laundry.  Yeah, we had A LOT of laundry.  Love to you all!  

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