Friday, August 19, 2011

Short and Sweet

Mom Murrill has been visiting with us this week and it has been great!  Her help couldn't have come at a better time.  Mark flew to NC again for an interview on Wednesday and it was so nice to have Mom here to help with the girls while he was gone.  It wasn't just nice, it was AMAZING!  I don't know if I could have made it without her.

Here's a pic of Mom Murrill and the girls going for a morning walk while I took a much needed siesta:)

You are probably curious as to why you haven't been seeing tons of amazing photos taken by my new camera.  Well, about that...we took it back.  We weren't completely sold on a Nikon and decided to try a Canon.  That way we can make an educated decision.   I've been stuck using my little point and shoot and the pictures just aren't that great.  Here's a cute one I took of little one today.  She's just so peaceful.

Can you believe that my first born will be two on Wednesday?!!!  It seems impossible.  I didn't order her birthday gift until yesterday!  I really hope it arrives on time.  My mind has been so many other places and really her birthday hasn't been at the top of my list.  I don't even know if we will do anything too exciting.  Maybe cupcakes or something.  Is that horrible?  Here's what she will be getting...

I really think she's going to love it.  I think it's so cute!  She loves "cooking" and when we were at the Nudd's, she spent half of her time playing with Blythe's little kitchen.  

Well, I'm pretty tired and I really need to use my hours wisely.  Better put, I need to be sleeping when I get the chance.  Love to you all!  Here are a few pics I took on my phone this week.  

Not the most flattering, but I sure love my two little ladies! 
 One of my favorites!  Mark reads his Bible on the couch every morning.  I came in the room one day, and there she set reading Daddy's Bible!  So sweet! 
I just wanted to show you the beautiful flowers that Nicole dropped by this week.  Aren't they so lovely?!  

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