Wednesday, April 11, 2012

When It Rains, It Pours

So, my grandpa has gotten worse and they aren't giving him much more time.  So, tomorrow morning, the girls and I are going to drive home to Oklahoma.  We don't know exactly how long we're going to stay.  I'm scared that if the drive down is really horrible I may never want to come back.  I think it's about a 14 hour trip...ugh!  We are going to make a brief stop in Memphis to visit our friends, the Baughmans, so that will break the trip up a bit.  I'm very excited to get to meet Lila for the first time and today is Brandon's birthday, so I'll get a chance to join in on the post celebration.

We went ahead and canceled book club for this month, which is a relief.  I don't think I could get us all packed and ready to go if I had to keep the house clean and prepare food, etc.  So anyway, today I'm headed to Target to stock up on wipes, diapers and other important travel items, like say, gummy bears.  Very important indeed.

I don't think I've ever made this long of a trip alone.  Well, I guess I won't be alone.  I'll have my two little people, but I doubt they'll be much help with the driving.  I have a feeling it will be extra long with all of the stopping for breast feeding, diaper changes, etc.  What am I getting myself into:)!!!!  I don't know what I'll do without Mark!  I've never been away from him this long!  The girls are going to be so sad!

Well, I better start getting us ready to go.  Prayers are definitely appreciated!

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