Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cramping the Hipster's Style

Well, our trip didn't go as smoothly as planned.  In fact, it wasn't smooth at all.  We did find an outlet mall, which was great, but soon after that, our luck changed.  Mark realized that the reservations for our hotel had been made for the wrong night (their mistake, not his).  He realized it just a few miles before we were supposed to arrive at said hotel.  We called to get it changed, but to our chagrin, all of the rooms were booked, which was the case with many of the other surrounding hotels.  We ended up at a place that didn't have any suites which meant we all had to be in the same room.  We figured we could make it work, although a suite is so handy with kids.

I just can't understand how families all stayed in the same room back in the olden days.  There is a girl who goes to our church who has kids 1.5, 4 and 7 years old and they ALL stay in her room.  She told me she just loves them so much that she wants them in her and her husband's room.  I just don't get it.  I love my kids tremendously, but I think I would lose my mind if I slept in the same room with them.  

We decided to head to our hotel to get settled in.  It was a nice place, but have you ever stayed at an Aloft hotel?  It is very...not family.  Their lobby is a lounge and bar and everything is very modern and hip.  We didn't quite fit in, but we were just glad to have a place to stay.  We went to eat and then hurried back so the girls could swim.  Swimming was all Rosie could talk about the whole trip down.  That is until we were heading down to the pool and then her tune changed.  She decided that swimming was scary.  After some prodding we were able to get both girls in the water, although the whole experience was pretty short lived.  The girls were both pretty exhausted and the cold water didn't help.  I'm sure all of the cool hipsters enjoyed seeing us in full swimming gear with our two screaming children.  

After tearful showers (no bathtub at Aloft), we put the girls to bed and Mark and I whispered to each other for awhile.  We played twenty questions in the dark for awhile until the girls finally fell asleep.  We then watched a little tv, while I did some yoga, then we decided to call it a night.  A few hours later, Mark woke up feeling sick.  His throat was hurting, he was achey and he couldn't stop coughing.  Rosie started coughing, too.  And then, because of the noise, Kiki woke up numerous times.  I was up as well, tending to my babies...all three of them:)  It was a LONG night.  Poor Mark had to go to his meeting early the next morning, still feeling horrible.  The girls and I spent the morning at the hotel and met Mark for lunch at a little restaurant.  Then we headed to the best mall ever.  Seriously, it was a really good mall.  Probably in my top three malls that I've ever been to.  The girls fell asleep on the way there, so I just set in the car with them for about an hour while they rested.  We shopped and played in the kid's area for a few hours until it was time to pick Mark up.

The way home wasn't great.  Mark was feeling horrible, I was exhausted, the girls cried a majority of the way, and it torrentially rained.  We were all so happy to be home.  Now, it sounds like we didn't have any fun on our little trip, but it was fun.  It just wasn't our best adventure.  We can't win 'em all.

On the way home, I did some googling to find out ways to help a sore throat and found a long list of options for Mark.  We ended up doing them all.   Well, all but the one involving horseradish and that's only because I don't have that on hand.  Poor thing, some of them were pretty gross.  The worst was the concoction of hot water, honey, lemon and apple cider vinegar that I made him drink.  He came very close to losing it on that one, but made it through and I'm happy to say that he woke up this morning feeling much better.

Today we just spent the day doing laundry and cleaning.  We are so excited my parents come tomorrow!!!  It's been since Christmas, which is way too long to be away from parents/grandparents in my opinion.

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