Thursday, February 7, 2013

"Pick" Your Battles

So, I ended up giving up the idea of making dining room curtains.  I fell in love with some from World Market and I had a coupon, so I felt it was a sign.  I'm still planning on making the kitchen ones, but I'm not having any luck finding the perfect fabric.  Granted, I only looked that one time.  It might be easier to find fabric if I actually went to the store.  But anyway, the perfect fabric has yet to show up on my doorstep.

I haven't had a chance to go look because we are dealing with sickness again over here.  The three ladies of the house have some pretty ugly sounding coughs.  Kiki did have a fever, but she's starting to improve.  The sickness has kept us homebound, which I'm not too upset about because it's been raining most of the day.

The girls took a nice long nap this afternoon and I got the chance to talk to one of my bests.  I hadn't talked to her in FOREVER and it just felt good.  I needed it!  Long story short...I miss you, Nicole!!!

Tonight is book club.  It's going to be a doozy and I mean that in the very best way.  The girl who's hosting it is known for her party throwing skills.  Last year, she had a masseuse there giving massages, along with more food then you could even imagine.  I'm excited.  I may not stick around too long, because I'm still feeling a little worn out.

I'm falling more and more in love with my little nephew.  I'm telling you guys, he is just the most precious thing!  Rosie and Kiki got to meet him this afternoon via video chat and they are pretty smitten, too.  For some reason, Rosie has taken to calling him Papa Bo after my late grandpa that is Greyson Bo's namesake.  I don't know where she comes up with this stuff.  You might recall that she was also the kid that named her little sister, Keekstopherson.

Here are some of the humorous things that the girls have been saying/doing lately.  Well, at least they are humorous to me...

  • Whenever I get off the phone with someone, Kiki immediately says, "What did he say?"

  • Lately, I've been catching Rosie trying to sneakily pick her nose.  I've tried to tell her how yucky it is and I thought I was getting through to her.  Until today, when I overheard Rosie talking to Kiki.  "Come on Kiki, let's pick our nose together."

  • On Monday, Rosie said, "I want you to call me Melissa now," and walked out of the room.

So, I'm writing this after book club.  It was beyond anything I could have imagined. Tammy really outdid herself.  I started feeling pretty rough during it though, and ended up leaving early.  I didn't even get a massage!  My body is aching and I'm going to go to bed, but not before I leave you with this picture of the amazing food from tonight.  

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nicole said...

The feeling is SO mutual, girl. Thank you for our talk this afternoon. However few and far between our chats are, you're in the forever category of friendship in my book. Love you.