Friday, February 8, 2013

The beach house

This morning was the kind of morning that I hope never to have to relive again.    Rosie usually wakes up before any of us and just plays in her room.  Then, as soon as Kiki wakes up, Rosie heads on into her room and they have a blast.  I love waking up to their laughter...until this morning.  I heard Rosie go to the bathroom and then start playing in her room.  Then I heard Kiki squealing from Rosie going in her room.  I seemed to be more tired than usual, but didn't think anything of it, until I checked my phone and realized it was 3:45!   It took forever to get us all back to sleep.

When I got home last night, I realized it was imperative that I take some cough medicine.  I was so achy and it hurt so bad to cough.  I went to get some out of the medicine cabinet and found this...

Yes, you read correctly.  It expired in 2009.  You'd think we never get sick over here, but we all know that's not true.  I came this close to taking it anyway, but thought I would text my nurse, Maria, to see if I would die.  She quickly texted back that she would get some on her way home from book club and drop it off.  How sweet was that!  It was much appreciated and made a world of difference.

Have you ever bought something that you immediately regret?  Well, that happened to me this week.  I love burlap and I love anchors, so when I found this burlap anchor pillow, I picked it up and without thinking, I bought it.  I got out to the car and it hit me that there is not one place in my home for it to go. Maria thought I should put it in our beach house, which would be perfect...if I had one;)  I'm sad to say it, but this little guy will be heading back to the store.  Oh, well!

You probably haven't thought twice about the fact that I didn't do Throwback Thursday for two weeks, but I've been rather sad about it!  I just haven't had the time to do the scanning, but I plan to do some soon. We might be having throwback Sunday instead.

I'm pretty pooped, so I'm heading to bed. I need my precious sleep, because I never know when my day will start at 3:45!

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