Monday, March 11, 2013

A Cross Stitch in Time

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Ours was productive.  We worked outside and cleaned out the garage on Sunday and I now have a whole van load of stuff I'm taking to Goodwill.  I also put a few things on Craigslist and our neighborhood facebook page.  I sold some stuff today and hope to sell some more tomorrow.  

Time change is the pits!  Can I get an AMEN?!   We've been dragging around here all day, although we did do a little "school" session.  We started "C" week today.  We began by practicing our C's and then she traced all of the letters of the alphabet using a new app I found for the ipad.  It's a free app that I would definitely recommend called "Little Writer".  It really helps with recognition.

Another fun thing I found to help with letter recognition is this...

Rosie loved eating these for snack today!  She had so much fun naming the letters.  Even Kiki got in on the fun, although she called every letter "A".  

Here are a few more pictures from our day...

I found this cute picnic game that is supposed to help teach manners to toddlers and preschoolers.  Well, it ended with hair pulling and hitting, so I'm not sure if it's the game for us.  

Lunch today!  Heart-shaped pb&j's, fruit salad, peanut butter bananas and string cheese.  

This precious gift came in the mail today from Kaylee.  Isn't it so cute!  

I think it's pretty obvious, but it's us!!!  You can't miss Mark's mustard pants:) I just love it.  

She had it made by a little shop on Etsy called Scarlet Pyjamas.  Go check them out, if you are interested in getting your own family cross stitch.  

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