Monday, March 4, 2013

B is for Bachelor

Today was a good day despite some minor injuries.  Rosie busted her lip on her dresser during some pretty impressive acrobatic play.  She had never really seen blood before, and to have so much of her own all over her, disturbed her quite a bit.  I had just gotten that situation resolved when Kiki smashed Rosie's fingers in the door.  Hearing that blood curdling scream twice in one day is pretty hard on a mom!

We started "B" week around here and Rosie is still loving it.  She loves to do anything artsy, so I'm enjoying finding activities that appeal to that part of her.  I definitely feel like she's my mini-me in so many ways.  She loves to cut, glue, color, etc.  Today, we did all of that.  I had a butterfly paper punch in my supplies and we used it to punch a few out for her to glue on a big "B".  This was her first time using school glue instead of glue stick and she did really well.

It's so fun to see her figuring out how to write the letters.  Here are a few of her practice "B's".  

Kiki's new favorite thing is ketchup.  She wants it for almost every meal and is constantly asking for more.  She's really been eating a lot of food in general lately.   She must be gearing up for a growth spurt.  She ate four bowls of black bean soup yesterday and three bowls of taco soup tonight.  In related news, she's like a walking "gas" station.  I dread going in her room in the morning.  

Eating a little veggie corndog along with her ketchup after a hard nap.

I just love her bed head.

The Bachelor is winding down and tonight is the "The Women Tell All" episode.  It's always full of fireworks and I'm having a hard time concentrating on both it and blogging, so I better sign off.  

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Tracy said...

Kiki is a girl after my own heart...ketchup (and Ranch) is everything! ;)

GOODNESS last night was hard to watch with Miss Teirra and all her excuses...I feel bad for her but could never be her friend, lol!