Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Woman's Work

Friends, I knew that being a parent would be hard.  I saw the anguish on my students' parents' faces on the hard days, I had way too many friends tell me it was the hardest work they had ever done and I knew everything my own parents went through, but I really didn't realize just how hard, until I did it for myself.  Not that I even slightly regret it, or would change it for anything, it's just hard.  Whether you work in the home or outside of the home, it's all consuming to raise little people.  The responsibility of  rearing Godly, thoughtful, sweet, kind, truthful, gentle, loving, compassionate people is a huge task.  It's daunting.  Today, I've felt like a big fat failure.  I don't know if it was the all the crying, whining, hitting, hair pulling or just general discontentment from my kids that put me over the top, but the whole day was hard.  I know that both of the girls are at hard ages, and although I desperately don't want them to grow up, I wouldn't mind us getting past these issues.

When poor Mark got home, he found us sprawled out on the couch watching the one thing the three of us can agree on right now, "Little House on the Prairie."  I'm hoping Charles, Caroline, Mary and Laura can impart some sage lessons and wisdom to us.  At least dinner was ready and the house was clean, except for  every piece of plasticware from the cupboard (cups, forks, knives, plates, etc.) that the girls got out to play with on the fireplace.  I finally had decided to choose my battles and I figured if plastic cups made them happy, than they made me happy, too.  We needed Fritos to go along with dinner, so Mark sent me to the store, so I could have some quiet time.  I have to be honest, I spent like ten minutes in the halloween candy aisle.  I actually had a huge bag of mini Snickers with almonds in my basket, but restrained myself and put them back...until I got to the checkout aisle.  I couldn't resist their Buy2Get1Free offer and came home with these...

Drowning my sorrows in chocolate. 

I know that my attitude isn't great and I apologize!  I have a feeling that my raging bout of poison ivy isn't helping things.  I had to go get a steroid shot in my bootie today, and now have oral and topical steroids to take.  Poison ivy isn't something to mess with and I've learned that the hard way.  Hopefully, it's on it's way out! 

In other news, I've taken a lesson from one of my besties, Kaylee, and have started selling things on Ebay.  She's made an art of buying things for cheap and selling them for a profit and I decided to try my hand at it.  IT IS ADDICTING!  I had my first sell on Tuesday and I want more!!!  I've listed a few more items since and I can't wait to see what sells.  I'll keep you updated!

I've had the hardest time figuring this week out.  Labor day is really through me off.  I totally missed Zumba this week, because I didn't realize what day it was.  Somehow, I made it to Pilates and Yoga so I'm counting those as major accomplishments.  I still can't believe tomorrow is Friday!  Friday sounds good.  

So, again, sorry to vent to you all, but thanks for listening (reading).  I know what a precious gift that motherhood is and I'm beyond blessed, but I thought I'd be real with you that there are wonderful days and there are also really horrible ones.  This day was more on the horrible side, but there's always tomorrow:) 


Tracy said...

awww hang in the there girl!! I KNOW you are doing an amazing job with the girls! I can only imagine though and I think it's only human to 2nd guess yourself sometimes. I say it's fine to get that chocolate and wallow for a bit. Tomorrow will be better :)

Annnnd....I got poison ivy too!!! arg, it's my dogs...shots for me too, not fun but I guess misery loves company :)

<<<<>>>>>> from a million miles away in KC. love ya!

Tracy said...

That should have said HUGS from KC ;)