Sunday, September 8, 2013

Fair Day!

On Friday, we headed to the fair with Elizabeth and David.  They were leaving to go out of town and wanted to go before they left, so we ended up being there on opening day!  Yes, it makes us sound like we are major fair people.  This is our second year going, so maybe we are fair people!  In sad news, there were zero fair foods consumed by me.  The kids got some ice cream, but the adults abstained and I have to admit, I'm still a little bummed about that.  Maybe next time! 

The girls really seemed to enjoy themselves.  There were so many animals to see, and they even got to see their first pig race, as well as their first duck and goat race!  Who knew?  

The Carousel was a hit!  

Kiki's icecream:(

Ice cream Beard


Maryann sported an ice cream beard, too! 

The gang 

This made me smile.  The meanest bull's name was McKinley:)

Isn't this guy weird looking?  They are bred for their beef.  Even the hump is eaten! 

Llamas!  We love llamas around here! 

The only ones who would let us take their picture. 


My chicks watching the chicks

Pot-pellied Pig Race!

Goat Race

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