Friday, September 6, 2013

Silver Linings

We are starting our day much better today!  I think it has a lot to do with my attitude and I'm trying to see the silver lining on everything.  Thanks for your sweet calls and texts!  I appreciate your support!

I've been given some great advice!  Some involved us getting out more and some involved us staying home more.  I'm thinking a happy medium of the two might be our best bet.  When we first moved to North Carolina I hung out with friends almost every day!  Being a natural homebody, this was a change for me, and it was so fun!  It was just what I needed, coming to a new state, far away from family.  I quickly got very comfortable with the area and the sweet people!  But with time, comes change.  The free time that we all once had, went away when kids started school and other obligations popped up.  I, not having any kids at school yet, found myself with a lot more time on my hands.  I reverted back to my homebody self.  More recently, I've realized I do need to get out more, because without much adult contact, one starts to feel lonesome and maybe a little bit insane:).  So, I'm trying to be open to getting out and getting involved.  Oh, the woes of a stay-at-home mom!  Who knew ?

Today, should be a fun day.  We are heading to the fair when Mark gets off work.  I think the girls will love seeing the animals and if there is a funnel cake involved, I won't argue.  Right now though, it's almost ten and the girls are still in their pajamas and I'm sipping coffee in my robe.  There are some major perks to this stay at home stuff!        

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