Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Last week just flew by and, although I attempted to post a few times, it just didn't happen!  The highlight of the week, was heading to Greenville with Mark.  He had to meet a doctor there for work, and asked if we wanted to tag along.  We were more than happy to join him.  I really was needing to get out of the house, so it was a perfect getaway.  We shopped a little while Mark was in his meeting, and then headed to lunch at Chuy's and to our favorite ice cream spot after.  It was a short little trip because Mark had to get back to the hospital for more meetings, but it was so nice. 

We LOVE Falls Park, especially the bridge over the falls! 

Rosie Girl and her favorite chair at the ice cream shop! 

Enjoying their ice cream 

Love eating ice cream with my handsome hubby! 

When we arrived home we were surprised with the sweetest gift from Auntie Kaylee.  It is a memory game made with pictures of the whole "Murman" gang.  Pictures are Rosie's love language and she carries the little box with her everywhere.  Kaylee is a pro at finding creative and personal gifts, and she did the greatest job again! 

The girls have been doing well, but I'm not going to lie, Kiki's giving me fits!  She loves getting into things and today alone, she pulled the buttons off my pillows and wrote all over one of the kitchen chairs with orange marker.  Good grief!  I'm doing my best to remain calm and know that "this too shall pass".  Did I mention that she's also going through a sleep regression?  She used to be an amazing sleeper, but now her nap is next to nothing and she wakes at the break of dawn.  I'm sorry if I sound all complainy!  I love the kid to pieces and am so thankful for her spunk, but if you have any sage advice, I could use it!!!

I found her in Rosie's doll bed.  She wanted me to take a picture:) 

My parents came on Thursday evening and the girls were beyond excited for them to get here.  I was, too! I'll do a post on their visit soon!  We had so much fun with them! 

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