Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sweet Dreams

The girls have really been struggling with sleep lately, especially Kiki. They both used to be such awesome sleepers, so this has come as a surprise.  Kiki climbs out of her crib about 20 (or more) times a night and it's become quite stressful on Mark and I.  Naps and bedtime are horrible to the point that were are becoming frustrated and we have to restrain ourselves from getting mad.  Things came to a head last night when Kiki did not go to sleep until after 11pm!  Her normal bedtime is seven, so this was nuts!  She just kept climbing out of her crib and coming down.  At one point, we found her laying on the stairs!

Where we found her last night.  It was too cute to get upset at!  

I did some major research on sleeping strategies late last night and today we had a game plan.  It started out with wearing them both out as best we could.  They both, of course, woke up early, so we fed them, and took them right out on a walk.  We pretty much played them outside the rest of the day.  Naps were better than usual, but still took some time.  Sleep did occur, and that's better than the new norm!

After that, we drove to Candler to pick up a new bed for Rosie!  I found this antique iron bed on Craigslist that I just loved.  We decided that Kiki definitely needed a toddler bed, and decided to give her Rosie's old one.  Rosie was ecstatic to get a "big bed like Blythey", so the transition was pretty smooth.  I also decided to stay in the room with the girls for a few minutes after putting them to bed tonight.  I laid by Kiki's bed and held her hand for a few minutes and it was like a miracle!  She fell right to sleep. From what I've read, I will need to do that for a couple of nights until they get the hang of falling asleep on their own.  Prayers that this works!  It was a much less stressful night, that's for sure!  

Early this morning we had the girls playing hard outside!

Rosie seems to be in bed heaven! 

Loving it!

Kiki looked a bit more skeptical.  

Rosie's new bed!  It's pretty huge! 

Kiki's new bed!  It's so tiny! 

I guess time will tell, how this whole thing will turn out!  At least the first night went smoothly!  Whew! 

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.  This one flew by!  I'll leave you with a picture I got of Rosie this afternoon.  Have a good week! 


Tasha Heinrich said...

Can I just tell you that I LOVE that Kiki has her slippers on! I'm guessing she put them on after she climbed out of her crib ... you need warm tootsies to sleep on the stairs! Too cute. :)

Anca said...

Love Rosie's face! Beautiful bed. What a room-you're so talented!