Monday, August 27, 2012

Best Day Ever

So, remember a few months ago when that crazy hail storm ravaged our neighborhood?  Our roof and our siding took the brunt of it, and we knew we would need to replace them both.  Well, it was finally time to start the "healing" last week.  On Thursday, the roofers started to work, and I realized quickly that naptime for the girls was not going to happen with the deafening noise.  Luckily, Maria came through in a pinch and we packed up and headed to the Nudd's house for the day.  I was so thankful because we all had a great time and the girls were able to sleep.

They promised to be all finished up by Thursday evening, but that didn't happen.  Luckily, we had big, fun plans for Friday morning.  We started out at the Nudd's for me to watch the kiddos while Maria went to a doctor's appointment.  Then we were all off to meet Jackie and the girls at Biltmore Park to celebrate Blythe's 4th birthday.

Talk about a great morning!  We ran by Barnes and Noble and then we were off to the "Treasure Store" a.k.a. Charming Charlie's to let the girls pick out their own special treasure.  They each decided on a precious tiara.  You should have seen those girls strutting out of that store wearing their new special treat.  You could tell they were feeling pretty snazzy.  Next we were off to O.P. Taylor's, a toy store, that the kids LOVED.  For lunch we went to Blythe's favorite restaurant, Brixx's Pizza and finished it off with ice cream from Cold Stone.  It was so fun.  We knew for sure it was a success when the girls all ran around screaming, "Best Day Ever!" at the top of their lungs.  I almost joined them, but I didn't think it would be quite as adorable.

It was almost 2pm by the time we finished up and I was just sure the roofers were all done and I could easily put the girls down for their nap.  When I pulled in and saw my unfinished roof and about 10 men lounging on my front lawn having a relaxing lunch break, my heart sank.  I hated to intrude upon the Nudd's again, so I decided to "rough it" and try to put the girls down, in spite of the racket.  Monroe and I laughed through the whole story I yelled read to her.  It was SOOO loud!  I have to say that I was completely astonished when both of the girls ended up falling asleep.  There was a brief intermission from the pounding when the torrential rains set in.  Normally, I love a good storm at nap time, but when your roof is off, it's not as relaxing.  Miraculously, we had no leaks and the girls slept!

We ended up getting an architectural roof, which I like 100 times better than our previous roof.  I'm glad it's all done.  Now to get the siding all fixed up.  Here's the roof "after" picture...

So, when I went out to take the "after" picture above, I found two different boxes on the doorstep.  We just love mail surprises around these parts!  The girls got the most adorable dresses from Auntie Kaylee and fam.  I just love them.  I've been stressing about finding fall/winter dresses and these are just perfect.

Monroe received her birthday package from Memaw, Papa and Grandma Murrill.  Everything in it was so special and wonderful, but by far her very favorite thing was this...

The most wonderful quilt that they made for Rosie.  She just loves it and so do I!  It's beautiful.  Thank you so much!

By the way, do you wonder why Rosie is often pictured sans clothes?  Well, she's very into dress-up right now and many pictures are taken in between her outfits.  I do dress her in a normal outfit everyday.  I promise!  I have the laundry to prove it:)

So Maria was headed to Chattanooga yesterday to go to her best friend Riley's wedding shower.  She hated to make the long trip alone, so I tagged along to keep her company.  It was a full day of driving, but we had a great time.  I was excited to meet Riley, because she and her (almost) hubby are moving here next week!  I love new friends:)

We made it back pretty late last night and I was amazed to learn that Kiki did perfectly fine without me...more specifically without breast milk.  That makes me feel a lot more confident that we are almost ready to bring my breast feeding days to a close...kind of bittersweet.  Mark was pretty worn out from his day of being a single parent, but he did an amazing job.  I was very impressed.

Tomorrow the girls have their 1 year/ 3 year doctor's appointments.  I'm excited to see how their growth is coming along and to get a few questions I have answered.  It should be fun...or really stressful, or both.  I'm keeping positive, though.  I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.  I'll leave you for now.  I've got dinner to make and some sweet little ladies to play with.    

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