Monday, August 27, 2012

The Big 3!

On Saturday, my first born celebrated her 3rd birthday!  Where does the time go?

Monroe's love language is balloons, so I decided to make her morning and decorated the hallway outside of her room for when she woke.  She was pretty excited!

Birthday morning surprise

After Sabbath School and Church, we headed home for lunch with friends and to celebrate the big three-year-old's mermaid birthday.  We had decided to just keep it simple and we figured that a small lunch with friends would be perfect.  The Nudd's and the Guyton's came over and we feasted on meatballs, mashed potatoes, fresh corn, salad and bread.  And by feasted, I mean we completely gorged ourselves.  At Rosie's request we had an ice cream station, with tons of different toppings (sprinkles, almonds, pecans, coconut, reese's cups, chocolate chips, oreos, cherries, whipped cream, magic shell and chocolate syrup).  I think the adults enjoyed it even more than the kids! Well, at least I did.

The Mermaid Table
I found those little fish plates on clearance for $1!  They were perfect.
The mini-mermaid table
 Rosie enjoying her ice cream
 Alli Girl
 Beautiful Blythe
 Did you know mermaids rode horses? 
 Gift Time! 
 The kiddos were too worked up to take pictures!  I could only get a few before they went nuts. 
The Little Mermaids!  Aren't they cute:) 
Kiki woke up a little late, but was rearing to party! 
What a little charmer!  So sweet! 
 Only three years old a few hours and already showing her sass! 
My sweet birthday girl! 

The kiddos spent the early afternoon playing, until it was very obvious that naps were in order.  Rosie was thrilled with the whole experience.  Later that evening we realized that we never got around to singing to her or having her blow out her candle!  A travesty indeed!  We ran out and picked up some cupcakes and made it happen.  She couldn't have had a better day. 

Happy Birthday, sweet Rosie!  We love you!

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