Sunday, October 14, 2012


*Just so you know, Mark came up with the title for this entry...blame him:)

Due to impending bad weather, our family pictures had to be postponed.  We won't be able to do them until the first of November!  I'm so disappointed!  As worked up as I was over them, I'm sad we weren't able to get them done today.  I had the outfits all ready and I was pretty pumped.  Now they will loom in my mind until November :(  Oh, well.  

Like I mentioned earlier, I took over 300 pictures yesterday, so it was pretty hard to narrow them down to just a few.  I did a terrible job trying to pick.  Sorry I've included so many!  

When we arrived we had a little picnic and let the kiddos play for awhile.  Here are a few of the pictures we took while we were at our first location...

 I love my family!  
 The Nudd's 
Great friends
 Rosie Girl 
 Bryn, being Bryn:)  She's SO cute!!!
Just some of the girls 
She loved exploring!    

After our picnic, Brandon wanted to take us to an area called Clingman's Cove.  It's supposed to be beautiful.  The only problem being everyone and their brother was headed there, too.  We set in traffic for the longest time and finally gave up and decided to head into Gatlinburg.  

The view while we were stuck in traffic.  It was gorgeous.

We saw a lot of this!  

Once in Gatlinburg, we headed to the aquarium.  We all loved it.  It really was a great one! 

The Shark Exhibit 

This guy was in heaven.  He loves ocean animals! 

I would never want to run into this guy while swimming.  

Kiki was very curious about everything 

The kiddos 

Mesmerized by the Jellyfish

Mark comparing wingspans with a ray. 

Just being silly 


Aren't they cute? 

She loves her daddy

 We were pretty exhausted at this point, but we rarely get pictures together and decided to use the opportunity! 

I'm so not ready for these guys to drive.  At least we have a few more years! 

We had such a fun time! 

After our time in downtown Gatlinburg, we were all pretty exhausted.  It was well past the kids' bedtimes, but we couldn't be that close to an outlet mall and not stop, so we ended the night in Pigeon Forge shopping until we dropped...almost literally.

This is how we all felt on the trip home.

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