Saturday, October 6, 2012

Making Her Escape

Something happened this week.  Something I figured was coming, but I was definitely not ready for.  I put the girls in bed for their afternoon naps, and decided to take a quick shower.  (Yes, I didn't shower until 2:00 pm...don't judge.)  While lathering, I heard a huge crash.  I couldn't quite figure out what it was until I heard Kiki wailing and right away, I knew.  I knew she had climbed out of her crib.  I flew from the shower to go check out the situation.  I don't know if Kiki was more mortified by my white, wet and soapy naked body or the fall, but she was pretty distraught.  After I got her calmed down (and a robe on), she finally fell asleep.  I'm really hoping that the whole thing frightened her so much that she won't do it again, but I wouldn't put my money on it.    

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