Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Leaf Hunting

On Sunday, we went on our first ride on the BlueRidge Parkway this season.  We are going to be out of town for a lot of October, so we figured we'd better start early.  The leaves had just started to turn, so it wasn't as magical as it will be in a few weeks, but it was still beautiful and very relaxing.  

 We started our adventure the right way...at Starbucks:)  Caramel Apple Cider for me, Pumpkin Spice Latte for Mark.   
The tunnels on the Parkway are Rosie's favorite part.  She gets pretty excited every time we go through one. 

 How I roll...
My favorite guy 

We had such a nice time.  At one point, the fog got so thick we could hardly see anything, so we had to turn around.  We ended up driving around the River-Arts district in Asheville.  We discovered new parks and found some great looking prospective restaurants for future date nights.  I love Sundays! 

This morning Mark left for a work trip to Florida.  He's been gone a lot lately, huh?!  We hate it when he leaves, but we've had a great day so far.  Well, besides this incident...

I tried to get pictures of the girls tonight when they were getting ready for bed, but my phone's camera was acting weird.  Here are some examples.

Brushing her teeth
 This one could have been so cute!  Ugh! 

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