Monday, October 22, 2012

Farm Visit

Today was so fun!  Mark's parents took us to Deanna Farmstead.  It's the most incredible place.  They have so many great activities for kids.  They have a ton of animals, a little school house, you can ride horses, feed goats, go name it, they've got it.  The girls had a blast.  They loved it when Avie joined in the fun later in the afternoon.  True to form, I took way too many pictures.

The girls with Memaw and Papa

Enjoying some quality time

 I was pretty impressed with her smiley face!  

 Panning for gold

 See Rosie in action:) 

Kiki LOVED the goats

Rosie meet Rosie

 My babies

This was a hard task for Kiki, as she was fighting the goat for some of that milk.  

Those goats are greedy!

 Tractor Races!  Kiki won by a hair.

Tractor Time

Family Picture Take 1 

 Take 2

Take 3 


Glad you're here, Avie! 

Avie and her daddy

The girls 

I think this is so sweet! 

Someone's getting sleepy.

This is up there with one of my favorite pictures of all time.  I asked Mark to take a picture of me and my sweet girls.  This is what we got:)  

The Motts 

Avie Baby 

Eating Rocks

The guys 

Mark tried to get Avie to warm up to him...

I think it went pretty well.

I had to throw one flower picture in for good measure.  

They may fight, but they've got each other's back no matter what.

While we were at the farm, grandma was busy making us an amazing lunch.  She prepared her famous Potato Pie and I can assure you, it didn't disappoint.  So good!  Thank you, grandma!

The girls are having a hard time getting used to sleeping in the same room.  They would much rather play, scream, laugh, jump, etc.  It's been a bit aggravating, especially since they are SO TIRED.  Hopefully, the novelty will start to wear off soon.  They are wearing this momma kind of thin!  

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