Monday, October 1, 2012

Let's do Lunch

Today, Kiki decided to become a big kid.  She climbed into the chair opposite Rosie to eat her lunch, like that's what she's always done.  Just so you know, she's never done that.  I guess the highchair is on it's way out.  She had the time of her life.  She kept looking over at Rosie and just laughing and laughing.  It was precious! 

 Just two "civilized" ladies doing lunch.
My big girl

Slowly, but surely, Kiki is becoming a daddy's girl.  She loves cuddling with daddy now and she is constantly asking about him throughout the day.  I caught this picture of them today.  They had been in exactly the same pose, but I didn't get the picture in time.  

Daddy and Keeks
 Daddy love

Daddy brought home the most amazing flowers for no reason today.  I have to say, it made my day.  Aren't they beautiful?! 

See you tomorrow! 

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