Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I've set down to blog a hand full of times, but I just haven't been able to make it happen.  It's been hard for me to write anything on here because all I can think about are the families in Newtown.  My thoughts and musings seem rather trite when compared to the magnitude of the happenings there.  I think about the presents that will never be opened, the sisters without brothers, the brothers without sisters and the mommies and daddies without their sweet kiddos and I just want to cry.    

Actually, I have cried...quite a bit even.  I've cried for those little people who's lives were cut short.  I've cried for those brave women who put their student's lives before their own.  I've cried for the family of the shooter, who must feel so lost and confused.  I've cried for the students that are left behind and have to go back to school without their teachers and friends, always feeling scared of what/who could walk through the door.  I've cried for the loss of innocence, and the families, and the town and the nation.  

My heart sure yearns for heaven.  I'm definitely holding my babies closer and treasuring every moment. Even the tough moments and hard days, because I know those parents would give anything for another hard day with their babies.  I don't want to let any memory making moment go to waste...not one.        

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