Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Making Christmas Memorable

As a kid, I adored the special Christmas traditions in my family.  One of my favorites was making handmade gifts for each other.  After opening presents every year, we would draw names and you would have the next year to plan and make something extra special for the person who's name you drew.  Some of us spent all year on the gift, others waited until the night before... Stephen.  It was so fun opening up the gift and beholding your loved-one's handiwork.  The first few years the gifts were pretty simple, but as we got older, our gifts became a lot more creative and elaborate.  There were crocheted blankets, paintings, stained glass, pottery, jewelry, cross-stitch and scrap-booking masterpieces.  I'll never forget all of the laughter and warm feelings I experienced during those years.  

Since the girls are getting to ages where Christmas is becoming memorable, Mark and I decided we really wanted to come up with some fun Christmas traditions of our own.  Something the girls could look back on and treasure.  We are definitely going to continue our Advent Calendar.  The girls have both really enjoyed opening and reading the books every day.  For Christmas Eve and Christmas day, we've come up with a few ideas, as well.

Christmas Eve Night-
Food: Chili
Treat: Special Hot Chocolate  (Make hot chocolate together and garnish with candy canes, whipped cream, marshmallows, etc.)
Gifts: Open one gift (the gift is always pajamas)
Activity:  Drive around and look at the Christmas lights

Christmas Morning:
Food: Have special Christmas Breakfast (still deciding on menu)
Activity: Read the Christmas Story from the Bible
Gifts: Open Gifts and Stockings

What are your favorite Christmas traditions?  Do you have any new ones you are going to try out this year?  Do share:)

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Stephen Carlile said...

Really? Who wouldn't want a "Blind Vision" demo tape for Christmas?