Friday, December 28, 2012

Welcome to the World!

I got the most adorable Christmas card in the mail this week.  It's from my lovely friend, Ashley.  It was such a special card because it doubled as a birth announcement for her new little precious, Charlotte Emerson.  I totally forgot to blog about her being born, because it was during my blogging hiatus back in November, but I couldn't be happier for Ashley and Eric.   I now have two little Charlottes in my life to love.

Seriously, could this baby be any cuter!!!  I just love her!

Here are a few pictures I took on my phone today... 

Rosie begged to watch the Veggie Tales movie she got for Christmas today.  I put it on in the office and came back a little later to find Kiki perched on Rosie's lap.  I am really enjoying all of the sisterly love lately!  

The Keekster

Love these two!  Rosie and I both sported the side pony today.  I miss the 80's.  

Naughty Monroe 

Nice Monroe 

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