Monday, June 13, 2011

A little while after Mark and I got married we were in desperate need of a car.  We had my Four Runner that ran great, but we had a very old, very unpredictable 87' Honda Accord.  This Honda Accord was one for the books.  Besides looking pretty rough, there seemed to be a hole in the exhaust and you could literally hear it coming for miles away.

Funny story, we lived a few blocks away from the school and there was a time that Mark had to run home before we had our weekly chapel in the church with all of the students.  Everyone in the school was waiting in the church for chapel to begin, when all of a sudden we heard this really loud noise.  Everyone started looking at each other, wondering what it could be, especially since it seemed to be getting closer and closer.  Finally, one of the kids shouted out, "Hey, that's Mr. Murrill's car!" and it was.  Laughter erupted throughout the church.  Granted, it was very funny, but also a little embarrassing.

It finally became a must that we get a new car and we ended up buying a Toyota Avalon from a little old man that only drove it back in forth to church every week:)  Well, at least that's what he said.  We've learned since then that he was probably stretching the truth a bit.  This car has been with us ever since.  For some crazy reason, we decided to trade the Four Runner in when we bought the CX7.  This was a stupid decision, because like a day after we did it, the Avalon started falling apart...literally.  Things just started falling off of it.

Like for example...

 The driver's side mirror... 
and the passenger's side mirror...Yes, that's duct tape.   Very classy:) 
and the side stripping...

And, not pictured...the sunroof protector.  Not only did stuff fall off, but people started hitting our car and Mark started hitting things.  You should see all of the scrapes and dents.  It's insane.  It also shakes like crazy when driving and makes a lot of scary noises.  

Some of the back scrapes, dents and holes.  Please notice the rear light.  

Anyway, I have been trying to convince Mark to get a new car for the last few years.  We have paid off our other car, so now would be the perfect time, but he always says he can get 10 more years out of it.  This is terrifying to me.  I always picture the bottom of the car falling out and him having to use his feet to make it go, Flintstone-style.  I don't think it's that far off.  We had to end up getting new tires for it a few months ago and it definitely improved the shaking and noises..."Another five years of life!", he says.  

All of our friends have tried to convince him that it's time to let go.  In fact, when Ash and Jaime were here, we worked out a whole skit like thing to try and get him to give it up already.  Well, last week the breaks started squealing and sounding really, really bad.  For the first time, Mark actually started talking about a new car.  He said he thought it might be time to throw in the towel.  Well, that was until he went tonight to get new break pads put on.  I curse the man who did the installation, because he told Mark that he could replace the mirrors for very cheap.  He also told him that with a few little things, his car could be good as new. 

 Mark and his car.  He's not hugging it, he's trying to push one of the dents out from the inside.  It actually worked.  

This has breathed new life into him and his adoration for this horrid vehicle.  He is so excited.  As soon as he got home, be started pounding out the dents and telling me everything he plans to do to improve the car.   So close...but soooo far away.

In other news, my tomato plants have started growing flowers!!! I'm getting so close to tomatoes I can almost taste them.  I'm so excited.

 Can you see the little yellow flowers?  I can't wait! 
 This is the cilantro planter.  It's really not taking off like I had hoped.  At least it's starting to look more like Cilantro now.  
 The onions are doing well!  My cucumber plant (to the right) isn't doing so well.  It looks exactly the same as the day I planted it.  
The lettuce is doing pretty good.  I can't wait until it explodes!!!  

Guess what came in the mail?!  

My makeup guru, Ashley knows everything there is to know about make up.  I had asked her about how to apply eye highlighter and what did she do, but send me a new highlighter from Mary Kay.  It's really great and I would definitely recommend it.  I am plagued with dark circles under my eyes and this highlighter really lightens the area up.  Thanks, Ash!

I decided I would go ahead and post the Father's Day Cards we made last night.  I'm pretty confident that neither of the dads read this blog and we are doing different cards for Mark.  

They definitely aren't perfect, but they were made with love.  Rosie helped me put the stickers on and helped me glue the scrapbook paper ties on.  Hope they love them! 

Well, I better run.  I need to take a shower and get a few things done around here.  Have a great night!  Love to you all! 

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