Monday, June 20, 2011

Sweet Home North Carolina?

On Thursday we left on a short little trip to visit North Carolina.  We were visiting our friends, the Nudd's.  They moved there about six months ago.  They are the sweetest and their three kiddos (Mitchell, Blythe & Brynley) are just adorable.  Their new home is just incredible and their hospitality while we were there was off the charts.  

The little vacation was just what I was needing.  I know I had mentioned a few posts ago that I hadn't been feeling like myself lately.  It was so nice just to relax and take in the absolute beauty of North Carolina.  I am telling you, that is the most beautiful place I have ever been.  The whole trip was therapeutic.  We had so much fun and no, I didn't take one picture.  I kept meaning to, but I was enjoying myself so much, I decided not to stress out about it.  I really do wish now that I had, but what can you do?  I guess I did take one picture...

This is Rosie at the airport in NC on Sunday before we left for home.  She was "making wishes" in the fountain.  I swear she threw at least $5.00 worth of my coins in there.   

Part of the reason we went to NC was for Mark to look at a position at the hospital there.  We recently have realized that Chicago isn't the ideal place for us to live.  It just has never felt like home and since being here, I've always felt a little overwhelmed.  I know that sounds pretty ridiculous, but I have to be honest.  I really don't love Chicago.  Not to say it doesn't have it's great points.  It really does.  We have LOVED being close to Mike, Melissa and the boys.  I don't think there is anything better than being close to family and we have enjoyed strengthening our relationships and seeing the kids grow up together.  They love each other so much and it really warms my heart.

We also have wonderful friends here and enjoy our jobs.  So, it's been a tough decision for us, and at this point we don't know where/when we want to go for sure, but we really we want to start looking. We are trying to give the situation to God.  We don't want to rush anything or make hasty decisions.  Our goal is to find a place where I won't have to work and can stay home with the girls.  You probably never would have guessed that we want this since I work that into almost all of my posts:)   It's just really been weighing on my heart as we are getting closer and closer to little lady's arrival.  

Really, I am posting this prematurely, because we don't know what or when opportunities will arise.  It could be months or even years, I guess.  I just needed to get that off of my chest.  

Oh, I do have one little thing I want to show you.  When we arrived in NC, we were greeted with the most amazing gift "basket".  It was incredible!  I didn't take a picture of it there, but I did when we got home...

 This amazing backpack was stuffed full of goodies!  Aren't those little animals so cute?  One for Monroe, one for baby M. I think her name will start with an M.  Maybe...
 Here are some of the books that were inside. There were also tons of other North Carolina literature.  
 This was my favorite part.  Sweet little goodies for the girls!  I can't wait to put them in those vests.  Monroe LOVES her new water bottle.  

Some of the snacks that were inside.  Monroe ate a few already.  It also had 4 bottles of very cool water.  Have you ever tried Lemon Mint water?  It is so refreshing! 

So anyway, I LOVE North Carolina.  They had me at "gift basket", but I'm an easy one to convince.  We still have a lot of praying, thinking, and talking to do.  We also are looking at some other possible opportunities in Florida.  Who knows?!  It all freaks me out a little, because I do have to birth a person in two months.  Hopefully, we will know what's going on by then.  

Father's Day wasn't quite normal since we weren't at home.  Maria and I did make a big breakfast for the boys.  We also gave Mark his cards from me and the girls and a few special little snacks (coconut m&m's, coconut twix and haribo gummy bears).  We are getting Mark a new phone but are waiting until this week, so that he can pick it out.  We flew home that afternoon, so we didn't get to do anything too special, but we did have a nice dinner from Pita House (so yummy) and we watched a movie at home.  All in all...a wonderful day.  

My girls are so blessed to have such a wonderful daddy.  I feel so lucky to have found a man that treats us all so special, so loved, and so respected.  He goes out of his way to be involved in every part of parenting.  I always know that I have a team member and never feel alone in the process.  Mark is truly an amazing dad.  Anyone who spends any time with Monroe and Mark together can see it very plainly.  

I also was blessed with a wonderful daddy.  He has always been there for me, NO MATTER WHAT!  He is so Godly, so thoughtful, so generous, so funny, so compassionate, so smart, so sweet...the list can go on an on.  I'm so thankful that he showed me such a wonderful blueprint of what a daddy and a husband should be, so that I could find a hubby with those same qualities.  Thanks, dad! 

My daddy and me!  Don't you think Rosie and I look alike?!  Maybe my mom will finally see the resemblances.  She still swears that she looks nothing like me!  I beg to differ.

We got home last night, and it was wonderful to be back in our own bed.  I didn't have to work today, so that was wonderful, too.  I was able to unpack, do laundry and clean.  I also was able to take a nap, and that's super important these days.  

I almost forgot to mention how amazing Monroe did on the flight.  She was pretty good on the flight there, but she was absolutely PERFECT on the way home.  Just an angel.  I kept waiting for her to go ape nuts, but she kept it together and made many friends on the flight.  She did love the lollipops and they will definitely be a must on any future flight.  So needless to say, we were so proud of that little munchkin.

She's really starting to say and do some hilarious things.  I need to start writing things down, because there are some real gems.  Today, she came out with these over her eyes...

It's a headband of mine that she was using as sunglasses.  She was channeling LeVar Burton from Star Trek.  

Well, I better run.  This has taken a lot of time and I need to head to bed.  I'm no good passed 10:00 pm. Love you all! 

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