Thursday, June 9, 2011

Surprise in a Box

So moments ago, Mark went to get the mail.  Since we both came home early, we didn't check it earlier.  Well, what a surprise awaited us!  It was the mother of all care packages from Mom and Dad Murrill.  It was too heavy for me to carry in!  As you know, I love getting packages in the mail, so this made us all excited!  Even Monroe squealed with delight as I was opening it.

You won't believe all of the fun things inside!

 Two of Monroe's favorite things...books and stickers.  Good call Grandma and Grandpa!
 I love matching outfits!  So cute:) 
 Monroe did very well in this package!  Aren't these adorable dresses?!  I LOVE the khaki one!  It's my favorite. 
 Adorable summer clothes!  Just what we were needing. 
 I have a thing for little girls' pajamas.  I just adore them.  These are two adorable ones! 
 Little Sis did very well, too!  
 She got some jammies, too! 
 Practical items!  We LOVE almonds and enjoy roasting them and the dried mango is Mark's fav.  You can't go wrong with diapers! 
 Mother's Day Surprise!  I love the summer dishes and placemats.  They are perfect for outdoor eating on the new table!  The apron is the cutest ever!  I can't wait to wear it.  Now, I just need to cook something:) 
 The cutest little rain jacket for Rosie.  She definitely could have used this one today. 
We love books.  Mom and I had been talking about Erma Bombeck books.  I can't wait to get started.  Mark is excited about his new read, as well.  

So, do you see now what I was talking about?!  What a fun package.  It really made our night.  It had been such a hard day and we really needed a pick-me-up.  This really worked:)  Thanks Mom and Dad Murrill!!!

Rosie is definitely doing better.  I went upstairs after I did my last post and she was just waking up.  We read books and she ended up finishing "The King's Speech" with us.  As you can tell below, she loved it.  She's quite the intellectual!  By the way, it was a very good movie.

 Daddy and Rosie enjoying the movie.  

She ended up getting super hungry so I made a fruit salad and she went nuts!  

She ate a very large portion of this.  I was so glad she was feeling better. 
A mouth full of fruit.  You can tell she's looking a little under the weather and rough, but she's in much better spirits! 

So, now I'm really going to bed.  I feel like a trillion bricks have been lifted off of my shoulders now that she's not so sick.  I'm praising God that she's better.  Thanks for all of the prayers.  Love you! 

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